Vocabulary and abbreviations used in escort and prostitutes ads

· Vocabulary and abbreviations used in escort and prostitutes ads


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When you visit an escort ad site for the first time, you are often lost in the middle of abbreviations and very particular vocabulary. FK, CIM, BBBK, OWO, GFE, Extraball… For the uninitiated it is almost impossible to understand what these abbreviations, consisting of a sequence of letters, which have no obvious connection to each other, mean. We will try to help you understand the vocabulary of escorts and put words behind the abbreviations. abbreviations escort prostitutes ads FK, CIM, BBBK, OWO, GFE

Vocabulary of escorts and clients of prostitutes

Some words may be written entirely and not abbreviated, but they remain strangely obscure to The Boeotians. For those who do not yet fully master the vocabulary of escorts and prostitution in the broad sense here is the meaning of a few words that it is essential to understand in this environment. Dress Code : We hear more often about Dress Code for club parties than for escorts and the meaning is different in the 2 environments. Applied to prostitutes, the term Dress Code means that the escort will be able to dress a certain way, disguise himself, to fulfill one of your fantasies. In general, the available outfits are specified in the advertisement. E.V : Lived experience. : The E.V are the stories that clients of prostitutes write on forums or in escort ads. You will also find the English word Review. Extra : An extra is something you will have to pay in addition to the base rate. Often the extras to pay concern practices such as or permission to film or photograph your frolics. Extraball / Extraball : As in pinball, the extraball, Extraball in English, is a free shot. The escorts authorizing the extraball will allow you to put back the cover if you have finished your case before the end of the allotted time. In our opinion, asking an escort for extraball is a minimum, you pay a certain amount of time, there is no reason to force you to hold back from enjoying to get your money's worth. LF : Lady Friend: In some ads escorts offer Lady Friends. This means that they can, if you wish and in exchange for remuneration, wait for you with a friend of hers who will participate in your little sauterie.

threesome mff CIF CIM COB OWO escort vocabulary

If you ask for it you can make a plan to 3 with another escort, the price will usually be doubled.

Incall : Incall means that the prostitute/escort will welcome you into her home or at least she will choose the place. Outcall : In outcall the escort moves to your home. Not all escorts do this and those who do make it pay between 50% and 100% more expensive than an Incall. Roses : Arguably the most ridiculous term in the world of escorts. One rose = one euro. It avoids talking too openly about prostitution but no one is fooled. And it won't protect sites that use the term roses from lawsuits for pimping.

Vocabularies of the practices of escorts and fetishists on sexmodel

The sexual practices of escorts are very close to the tags used in porn sites. Be careful though, some escorts might surprise you not necessarily well if you misunderstand the terms used. BDSM : Initials of Bondage, Domination, Sado Masochism, Femdom, BDSM became very popular with the success of 50 shades of grey. The escorts offering you this can either martyr you or be dominated. In general their preference is specified, if this is not the case it is prudent to ask. Caviar : If you see the term Caviar be very careful! It has nothing to do with the gastronomic preferences of the escort, well if but not… Caviar is the code name for scatophilia, the love of poop. And yes… Champagne : If you think champagne refers to that great scene from Sex Crimes, you're all wrong. Champagne is the little name for urine. An escort fan of champagne will be urophile. For warned only.

abbreviations escort champagne caviar champagne golden shower extraballe cob owo

Be careful, an escort loving champagne will not necessarily offer you what you expected…

Digits : This term designates the fingers. And especially the fingers of an escort who particularly likes to search the intimacy of men. You will find this term abbreviated DP from time to time, not to be confused with double penetration. Greek : Anal sex is often abbreviated A but is also known as Greek in some English-speaking escorts. We probably don't need to explain the connection between the Greeks and the? Rimjob / Rimming : The terms Rimjob and Rimming will be familiar to porn fans, they refer to anulingus. The rose leaf as they say in good French. Russian : For English speakers, Russian refers to the practice of Spanish branlette. We do not know why in English it is attributed to the Russians and we do not know why in French it is attributed to the Spanish. Tea bagging : Tea bagging is a wonderfully imaged term. This reference to the tea bag is even simply perfect. The practice of tea bagging is the fact of letting his testicles hang on the face of the escort. That's it, you understood the image.

Abbreviations used in escort ads on 6ad

A-level or A+ : Abbreviations in A often refer to. A-level or A+ are the most common. In general, this abbreviation is accompanied by the term extra designating the financial surplus for this practice.

gif sodomy anal sex 0 A+ escort girl anal sex

Anal Sex is always a paid option for escort girls who offer it under the term A+

ATM : Ass to mouth.The ATM is the act of passing from the anus of the escort to his mouth. Some find it disgusting, others love it. It is quite rarely practiced and when it is it means, obviously, that the escort accepts the. BBJ or BBBJ: Bareback Blowjob. In English Bareback means to ride a horse without a saddle. For sex Bareback refers to the absence of a condom. The Bareback blowjob is therefore fellatio without a condom. We can only advise you to avoid this kind of practice, as escorts are not the profession least exposed to STDs. BBFS : Bareback sex. Bareback sex is sex without a condom. See above. BBBJTC : bare back blow job to completion . BBBJTC is condomless fellatio until orgasm. You will sometimes find BBBJTCIM which is fellatio without a condom, up to orgasm and with ejaculation in the mouth. (bare back blow job to completion in mouth) BBJTCNQNS : bare back blow job to completion, no quit, no spit. The BBJTCNQNS is the longest abbreviation in the world of prostitution and may even be the longest in the world (avoid shining with this info in your family meals). It refers to performing a without a condom and staying until orgasm without removing one's mouth. BBBJWF : bare back blow job with facial. It's like BBBJTCIM except that it ends with facial ejaculation. BBBJTCWS : bare back blow job to completion with swallow. Like the BBBJTCIM and the BBBJWF but with a swallow at the end. A swallow is the fact of keeping in the mouth the ejaculation. We love it or we hate it. BLS : Ball Licking and Sucking. It's pretty transparent for anyone who's done more than a year of English. It is the act of licking and sucking the testicles. BS : BodySlide. The BS is nothing more and nothing less than a massage. You are in the middle of prostitution, so there is a good chance that it is either foreplay or massage with finish. CBJ : Covered Blowjob. CBJ is fellatio with a condom. Not the best level sensation but with a prostitute she is by far the most cautious. CDS : Covered Doggystyle. Doggie with condom. Rarely specified but it happens to come across this abbreviation.
Doggystyle is a practice particularly in demand on sites like 6annonce

Doggystyle is a practice particularly in demand on sites like 6annonce

CIF : Cum in Face. The little name of facial ejaculation, one of the most used abbreviations along with ICD and COB. the CIF does not expose to any STD, hardly can we possibly find it a little humiliating if we are sensitive but frankly it is now very well accepted. A large majority of escort girls therefore practice CIF without problem. CIM : in Mouth. This is facial ejaculation. THE CIM is undoubtedly one of the most requested practices of escorts, it can expose to certain sexually transmitted diseases, so not all escort girls accept it but you will however find a majority of prostitutes who will offer you the CIM, sometimes with a supplement.
The facial or In Face (CIF) is a fantasy for which one may want to pay an escort girl

The facial or In Face (CIF) is a fantasy for which one may want to pay an escort girl

COB : on body or on breast. The 2 variations of the COB do not mean exactly the same thing but are still quite close. They describe ejaculation on the body or on the breasts. The breasts being part of the body we often arrive at the same result. Almost all escorts accept the COB but check that it is mentioned on their 6ad card if you are a follower of the practice. DATO : Dining at the 0. DATO is a poetic abbreviation for anulingus. Dining to eat, the o for you see what. anulingus lily carterDATY : Dining at the Y. Nothing to do with Rachida. Daty refers to cunnilingus. DDP : Double Digit Penetration. PDD is the practice of designating double vaginal and penetration with your fingers. DFK : The Deep French Kiss is a kiss on the mouth very strong. It is often the appanage of GFE escorts. DIY : Do it Yourself. It's very clear, Do It Yourself means do it yourself and refers to masturbation. You have the right to pay for a DIY escort but only if you have way too much money in your account. Otherwise it's a bit of a mess. DP : In porn as in prostitution, PD is double penetration. Of course to do a DP you have to be 2. Or having grown up too close to a nuclear reactor.
valentina nappi double penetration

Double penetration, DP, is one of the most rarely accepted practices by escorts and always with a large price supplement

DT : The term Deepthroat is widely used in porn and this since one of the very first porn. It refers to the deep throat, the where the escort takes the entire member of his client. FBSM : Full body sensual massage. The sensual massage on the whole body is an erotic massage that can be with or without finish. It will be unfinished almost only if it is practiced as a preliminary.
naturist massage finish-1

Not all escorts specialize in massages. Check their ad or ask by sms

FK : We saw the DFK above, the FK is the French kiss not specially supported. GFE : Girlfriend experience. The girlfriend experience is practiced by escorts behaving like your girlfriend. Their sexuality will be rather sweet, they will kiss you, curl you up, take care of you after orgasm… as opposed to PES. GSM : G-Spot massage. The G-spot is the G-spot. In men it is located in the prostate. The only way to access it is through the anus. The G-spot massage is therefore the massage of the G-spot. HJ : Handjob.This term refers to masturbation. Taking an escort for an HJ is really luxury. MSOG : The Multiple shot on goal is one of the most interesting performances. An escort that mentions MSOG will allow you to have as many reports as you want during the time you have booked. A very commercial practice that honors those who offer it. OWO : Oral without condom. Identical to the BBBJ, it is fellatio without a condom. OWO is, according to our stats, the most requested practice. Many men say they don't feel anything when they get sucked with a condom, so they feel that the OWO is the least you can ask an escort girl to pay for sex. About 95% of escorts offer the OWO in their 6ad cards. OWC : The opposite of OWO, it refers to oral with condom, protected fellatio. PSE : THE PSE is the pornstar experience. It is mentioned for the escorts who boast of making you live a real porn movie with them. For a real PSE it will take a minimum of feelings, practices a little extreme and a little vulgar. The opposite of GFE (Girlfriend Experience). The term PSE Pornstar Experience is so well known that it gave its name to a film featuring the delightful Sasha Grey. RPG : Role Playing Game. We know the term RPG in the world of video games. In prostitution the RPG is a naughty role-playing game where the escort will play the role that will stick the most to your fantasies.
RPG escort girl 6ad

Some escorts agree to dress up to play sexual role-playing games with you

SOG : preceded by a number, SOG (shot on goal) means that you will have the right to x reports. You will then not pay by time but by the number of reports. SOMF : Sat on my face. Face sitting has been quite fashionable for some time and is designated either by the abbreviation SOMF or by its full name.
escort girl SOMF

Many men dream of an escort girl sitting on their face

TG : TransGender. It is quite transparent. TG means that you are dealing with a transsexual. TUMA : Tongue up my ass. Synonymous with rimming or rimjob, TUMA refers to anulingus. TV : Transvestite. A TV is a transvestite.

Now that you know all this you are free to choose the prostitute or escort that suits you best. However, we must remind you that the use of prostitution is about to be penalized and that it will then be illegal to sleep with an escort. For your sexual needs we encourage you to test the dating sites of plan cul that are for example www. PlanCul-Messenger.com and www.JacquieEtMichel-Contact.com, they will allow you to quickly find a girl who is looking like you for a simple booty call, they will cost you less and keep you within the framework of the law.

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