Are the actresses Jacquie and Michel escort girls?



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Many of you are wondering if the porn actress girls for Jacquie and Michel are escort girls. This question first of all of the widespread confusion between porn actress and escort. These 2 sex jobs may be close in the minds of many people, they are nevertheless distinct, especially for many porn actresses who make it a point of honor not to mix them. Many actresses including often not those who shoot for Jacquie and Michel.

Many actresses Jacquie and Michel on escort girl sites

In amateur or semi-amateur porn, the first places of recruitment are libertine places. Porn producers find liberated girls who are comfortable with their sexuality and their image. In French porn, there are 2 galaxies. On the one hand, completely professional porn, with producers like Dorcel and actresses like Nikita Bellucci, Lola Reve, Anna Polina… These girls are well paid and have no need or desire to prostitute themselves. On the other side of French porn, we find producers like Jacquie and Michel or French Bukkake who are the own stars of their films and who therefore do not starify their actresses. Porn actresses who shoot for them are not really professional and may therefore be more sensitive to the temptations of the escort girl profession. That's why you'll find many actresses Jacquie and Michel on escort sites. They practice this profession independently of Jacquie and Michel and the studio has nothing to do with this second career. It is sometimes even a simple passage that will allow girls to increase their rates.

A passage through Jacquie and Michel to get the pornstar experience deposit

We have already talked about it here, the pornstar experience is highly sought after by the clients of prostitutes and escorts. Under the PES hook, she defines the fact of sleeping with a porn actress and therefore living a unique and intense experience. For unknown escorts, shooting in a jacquie and Michel or French Bukkake type porn is the assurance of being able to sell more expensive and attract new customers who would have seen them in a porn movie. The career in porn of these girls will generally be reduced to 4 or 5 films that, well referenced on google, will represent their best showcase.

How to contact actress Jacquie and Michel escort girl?

We will not provide you with their contact details or even their names because we do not really encourage these practices. Just know that actresses who sell escort services manage to be easy to contact. On twitter or facebook, their accounts will be easily identifiable and their DMs (private messages) will be opened for you to contact. The negotiation will then be done by these private messengers or by sms on their professional phone.

The alternative Jacquie and Michel Contact

While some actresses sell sexual performances, many others have remained true ass lovers who fuck for fun. These libertines who have shot for J&M are generally registered on the social network of the site, On this site, you will be able to register for free and find them quite quickly. We can not guarantee that they will find you to your liking but at least you will not have to pay anything and, if there is a fuck, the fuck will be sincere and limitless. Much healthier (and much more legal) in our opinion than the priced reports offered by escort girls.