Gay ads: poor relation of dating on the internet


Once is not custom, if we talk about gay ads today it is to push a little rant. At best ignored by the big dating sites, at worst a benchmark of scams and scams, gay ads are clearly the poor relation of dating on the internet. And even if there are legitimate reasons for this, we must guide you through the sometimes difficult environment of gay ads.

A niche market too small to attract

Gay ads concern only 5% of the population (evaluation, no statistics can be made on the subject), building a quality dating site and communicating on it is therefore fatally less profitable in the gay environment than in the hetero environment. If we add the gay / lesbian distinction, not really legitimate in our opinion, we further reduce the outlets of such a dating site. In the end, the big players in internet dating often prefer to ignore the gay market or integrate it in a hurry in their mainstream site for results that are very rarely satisfactory.

The problem of gay ad scams

Even if the gay world is no longer as clandestine as it could have been in the 80s during the great era of the pink minitel, it is still quite taboo to talk about homosexuality in many places in France. Taking advantage of this taboo, some profiteers set up gay ad sites in a few days and communicate with the most fragile targets to finally sell them the services of a poorly made and almost empty site. We are not going to mention the gay dating sites that work like this, first because we might get into trouble and then because they are too numerous, but we will rather choose to see the glass half full by telling you about the sites that work.

Some safe bets in an ocean of mediocrity

So let's forget all the sites with racoleous advertisements and sponsored links on google, favor those whose communication is qualitative. Also pay attention to ad sites that only highlight the sexual aspect of gay dating. Gays, like straight people, may be looking for one-night stands but most of the time their desires evolve over time. So choose sites that offer the opportunity to find serious relationships like one-night stands.

The tests we conducted (editor's note: via our gay friend Larry, the editors of the site being straight) led us to the conclusion that only 2 sites were really worth a visit.

The first gay dating site that we highly recommend is 100% free, Mykodial is a messenger-type gay dating site with software to install on your computer. This software offers an extraordinary chat and exchange experience and allows you to multiply exchanges and very quickly meet people close to home. The Mykodial community is very large, you can find on the mykodial chat hundreds of connected at about any time. A geolocation system will allow you to find singles around your home very quickly to meet people as quickly as possible. In our opinion the best gay dating site.

The second gay dating site that we advise you is Created by one of the leaders in online dating, Easyflirt, Force Gay is both technologically advanced, rich in a large community and serious in its operation both free and paid. You can sign up for free or opt for a paid plan that will allow you to meet even more people. The advantage of going through a site that depends on Easyflirt is that such a strong brand can not afford to scam its customers. With over 7 million customers, EasyFlirt has proven its honesty and the return on investment of its sites, whether gay or straight.

There may be other good sites but among those we have tested only these 2 have combined honesty and efficiency. If you know of other good gay ad sites feel free to share them with us on our forum.

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