Ahegao – Photos of the sexy porn trend of the moment

· Ahegao – Photos of the sexy porn trend of the moment


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Ahegao is the sexy chelou fashion of the moment. In 2 words, it consists of showing girls who squint in postures a little naughty. Before we see photos of sexy Ahegao, let’s find out the origins of this phenomenon.

Where does Ahegao come from?

Ahegao is a term from Japan and manga. The full word is Ahegaokin and means “orgasmic facial bacteria”. In Hentai (porn manga), this term is used when a girl is depicted with her eyes going in all directions after having enjoyed. Cosplayers seized on the phenomenon and had fun filming themselves with the same look and the fashion of the sexy Ahegao was born.

Why does the Ahegao tag excite so many people?

On paper, seeing a girl drool may not be the most exciting thing. However, the Ahegao tag is a huge success, so much so that in 2021 it is undoubtedly the one that is experiencing the biggest growth, on porn hits as well as on social networks such as Instagram or Onlyfans. This boom can be explained by the deliberately exaggerated aspect of the ahegao. A bit like we can be excited by girls who enjoy loudly, even if we know that they simulate, we will be excited by the idea that a girl can enjoy so uncontrolled that she will not be able to hold back grimage and drooling. So there is the imagination that plays a lot when you watch a girl indulge in ahegao. The popularity of this tag is probably due to Reddit’s ability to make any phenomenon viral, the subreddit dedicated to the ahegao having several hundred thousand fans. The phenomenon has even surpassed porn since memes taken from ahegao are now used on very mainstream subjects and clothes even use Ahegaian illustrations as a motif. Starting from hentai, arrived on Reddit and today a true reference in popular culture, Ahegao is today a global phenomenon.

Photos of sexy Ahegao

Animated Gifs of Ahegao Sexy