Ashley Madison involved in an escort and prostitution site?

· Ashley Madison involved in an escort and prostitution site?


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Since the hacking of Ashley Madison's database, scandals are piling up around the dating site for infidel. After the poor security of her data or the false profiles of women, we discover today that Ashley Madison would have been involved in sites promoting prostitution and escorting. and Arrangement Finder, other Avid Life Media sites

The daily Dot site has just revealed that, via shell companies, Avid Life Media, Ashley Madison's parent company, had created 2 sites that promoted the services of prostitutes and escort girls. was the most direct of the 2 since it presented the escort girl cards as do in France 6announcement or Lovesita. The other site, Arrangeent Finder, was content to connect men willing to pay and women in need of money while refusing to talk explicitly about paid sex. If the site has been offline for a few days, Arrangement Finder is still online.

When Avid Life Media directly solicited prostitutes

ashley madison prostitutes arrangement finder

The Arrangement Finder site is at the heart of the controversy linking Ashley Madison, Avid Life Media and prostitution.

Beyond the controversy over the essence of these 2 sites, emails revealed that Avid Life Media had directly solicited prostitutes and escorts to advise them to register on Arrangement Finder. The figures are difficult to verify but an email advances the number of 45,000 prostitutes contacted by email. In order not to arouse suspicion, Avid Life Media teams pretended to be potential customers and asked the girls if they were registered on Arrangement Finder, thus arousing their curiosity and pushing them to register on the site. In view of his revelations, it seems difficult for ALM to defend itself by arguing that it was not aware of the nature of the appointments generated by its site.