The Best Dating Sites for Black and Mixed Race – March 2023



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When you are black or mixed-race, you can try to meet someone who has the same origins as you. In this case, traditional dating sites can be disappointing because you can quickly find yourself drowned under contact requests that do not meet your expectations. If you are black or mixed-race, from the DOM TOM or Africa, here are the best sites to meet someone you will like.

Why we can't find a good dating site reserved for blacks and mestizos

We will start our article with a counterpoint. Even if we are here to help you meet black or mixed-race people, we must tell you that sites 100% reserved for blacks and that work is almost impossible to find. Although part of the black community does not want to meet outside the community, the majority of people are open to all types of profiles and even take pleasure in varying the physique of their relationships or booty call. A site that prohibits whites or Asians from registering would therefore not only be illegal but also very little frequented. For this reason, we will rather direct you to dating sites that have advanced filters and that allow you to be put in contact only with blacks or mestizos if this is what you want.

The best serious dating site for blacks: WeKiss

On, everyone is welcome. As has been said, it would be suicidal for a dating site to close itself off to an entire population. On the other hand, it is possible to filter the profiles you want to meet. Serious dating site reserved for those looking for love, it offers the classic tools that can be found on the best sites on the market. Chat, geolocation, detailed search engine, smartphone and tablet compatibility… The men and women registered on the site are usually between 20 and 30 years old and, although they are really looking for love, are quite relaxed and open. They will not hesitate to give you your chance if you are nice and friendly. With 51% of men and 49% of women, it presents a balanced community within which it is very easy to find your place and meet people.

The best cul plan sites for blacks and mestizos

For those who are only looking for a black or mixed-race plan, we recommend 3 sites that complement each other perfectly. The first site we recommend is one of the oldest and it has proven itself for a long time. Www. is a site originally reserved for the Afro community but which quickly found success among singles from the West Indies. Working with a messenger software to install on his computer or via a mobile and tablet version very complete, it connects men and women black or mixed race who are essentially looking for ass shots. You can find singles looking for serious dating but we prefer not to tell you that you can find love because most people who sign up are only looking for one-night stands or regular booty calls. The other 2 sites that will easily allow you to find booty calls with black are leaders in the field of ephemeral online dating. Having very large communities, the sites www. and www. have entry points by physical typology and especially for those who are black or who appreciate blacks and mestizos. If at some point you decide to expand the scope of your search a little you will have the opportunity to find ass shots with whites, Asians, cougars, etc … since you will be registered on the biggest sites of plan cul. We will not be able to establish a hierarchy between these 3 sites since they work well all 3. Depending on the period, the hours of the day or night you may have an interest in being on one or the other. If we had to give you a piece of advice it would be to take advantage of the free trial offers offered by these 3 sites to get an idea of how they work and the profiles you may meet there.


As we know, good free dating sites only exist in the dreams of users. At one time or another the sites ask to pay if only to cover their technical costs. With the sites that are recommended paid subscriptions are offered to you but trial offers allow you, before paying anything, to create your profile and start chatting with registered singles. Then, if you are convinced and if you want to multiply the meetings, the subscription formulas are available at very reasonable rates. If you are a man, count between 15 € and 30 € per month to benefit from all the features. If you are a woman, registration is completely free and you will never have to pay anything. These pricing policies allow sites to ensure that there will always be as many women as men to facilitate dating and prevent women from being harassed by too many men.

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