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The phenomenon of renoi blondes is known to all and yet has never been seriously studied. We do not know where it comes from but there is not a nightclub or a corridor of Châtelet where we do not come across one of them. Let's try to elucidate together the mystery of the blondes to renoi.

The origin of the attraction between blondes and blacks

Obviously, not all blondes are attracted to blacks, Marion Maréchal Le Pen having for example only a limited attraction to our friends of the Dom Tom, but no one can deny that a large part of the couples that porn would qualify as interracial are composed of girls with golden hair.We can therefore wonder if the blondes with renoi simply respond to the flirtation of the blacks or if they put themselves at their disposal by actively seducing them.

Vanessa Paradis was one of the most iconic blondes before choosing Johnny Depp

Vanessa Paradis was one of the most iconic blondes before choosing Johnny Depp

It is accepted that men prefer blondes, regardless of the color of their skin. So we can think that, if we see more couples of renois with blondes than renois with brunettes it's just that they have a physical preference for Nordic physique. We can also think that the attraction for exotic physique is worth in 2 directions: by sleeping with people from totally different backgrounds blondes like blacks travel without moving from home and therefore make substantial savings. These couples would therefore simply be the equivalent of couples uniting farmers with Russians or computer scientists with Asians but with greater visibility, the aforementioned populations leaving very little in a box or in Châtelet.

The Booba counterexample

Booba prefers big asses to the slender physique of the Nordics

Booba prefers big asses to the slender physique of the Nordics

Many Renois nevertheless proclaim their love of forms and black physique. Booba in particular repeats over and over again that he prefers blacks to blondes:
  • If you're too thin I don't fuck you, Karembeu
  • I prefer the ball in Fatoumata than the Boulard in Adelaide
  • I like big ass not go skinny skinny
  • If you have a big ass you have everything I like

We will stop there, you will have understood that if the couples between blondes and renoi attract attention, there are obviously many more couples uniting 2 blacks than black on blonde couples. And since ethnic statistics are banned in France we will never know what the exact volume of these mixed couples is anyway. What we can tell you with certainty is that, for anatomical or cultural reasons, you will never see blacks with Chinese women and almost never blacks with beurettes. We hope that this sociological article has helped you to better understand the world around you and we wish you a pleasant day.

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