Russian Charm: Reviews on the new escort agency from Russia

· Russian Charm: Reviews on the new escort agency from Russia


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For Russian escort girl lovers, 6ad and Russian Love were the 2 best sources of supply. In recent months, the agency Charme Russe has made a name for itself by offering more and more ads and really canon girls. What do you think? Our opinion on Russian Charm.

Russian charm in a few words

Russian charm reviewsCustomers of Amour Russe will not be disoriented by going to, the concept is almost identical. Girls are presented with their physical characteristics and preferred practices and the rates are the same for all girls. The photos are really neat and videos are made available to ensure that there has been no abuse of photoshop on the shots. The girls are not always in Paris at the same time, so their tour dates are specified in a very readable way so that you can book those who have the same availability as you.

Appointments with the escorts of Charme Russe

The EV of customers mention 2 meeting places, one very classy near the fields and another much less classy in a hotel near the Gare de l'Est. If you can, specifically request that the appointment take place in the apartment of the fields, appointments in the hotels being exposed to more unforeseen events and the context of the Gare de l'Est being much less exciting.


Russian charm rates

the rates are set by the Agency

The rates are set by the agency and are quite high. For a basic service (excluding supplement), you will have to count 150 € for 30 minutes, 200 € for 40 minutes and 250 € for 1 hour in call. For longer durations, the rates are the same in incall and outcall, the only difference being the taxi to be paid to the girl at the end of the appointment. For 2h, you will have to count 400€, 550€ for 3h and up to 1200€ for 12h. To these rates you will have to add 50 € for a CIF or 100 € for. We are therefore on the very high-end largely justified by the physique of models of the girls presented.

The EVs of the escorts of Russian Charm

We cannot, alone, give an objective opinion on all the services of the agency's escorts. On the other hand, if we consult all the EVs provided by Charme Russe's customers, we can draw these conclusions:

  • The girls are really as beautiful in real life as in the photos
  • The reproach of the lack of experience comes up quite often among clients, the real sex workers seem a little rare in the agency.
  • Rates are high but no customer complains

Charme Russe is therefore a serious agency that is not immune to organizational problems (see our remark on the hotel of the Gare de l'Est) but if you want to sleep with top models from Russia it is a quality reference.