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Our users have questions about cougars. Age difference, legal or not, vocabulary issues… Here are our answers to all the questions you've always had about cougar women.

What is an inverted cougar called

An Internet user asks us what an inverted cougar is called, namely a man at least 50 years old who likes girls much younger than him. This phenomenon is much more widespread than cougars since many celebrities find themselves in this situation. 

Inverted Cougar = Sugar Daddy

In the dating world, men who are looking for women younger than themselves are called the Sugar Daddy. Compared to the term cougars, the name sugar daddy induces a notion of financial ease and maintenance of the girl. If you want to frequent a dating site reserved for sugar daddy, you will not be able to just sleep with a young and pretty girl, you will have to give her gifts, pay for outings, etc … This is the reason why the phenomenon of sugar daddy is often compared to escorting. So pay attention to the girls you will meet by positioning yourself as a lover of young girls, it could be that she asks you for money while you were only looking for a normal relationship. There are young girls who enjoy the company of mature men, so you can live your life as an inverted cougar without necessarily having to go through the status of sugar daddy.

Can a cougar sleep with a miner?

A reader writes to us today to ask if a cougar woman has the right to sleep with a minor boy. He himself is only 16 years old and he fantasizes about mature women, so he dreams of being able to sleep with a cougar.

The Law on Relations between Cougars and Minors

The law on the misappropriation of minors is the same for men and women, but it is often misunderstood. First of all, it should be noted that the law distinguishes between 2 types of minors, those who have not reached the age of sexual majority and those who have exceeded it but are under 18 years of age. And that the other variable to take into account will be the consent or not of the minor. When a cougar sleeps with a minor under the age of 15, the age of sexual majority, she will be punished no matter what but differently depending on whether the consent of her partner is established or not. If the young man agrees, the cougar can be convicted of sexual assault, if he did not agree she will then be prosecuted for sexual assault. In the first case she will face up to 5 years in prison, in the second up to 7 years. In the case where a cougar woman sleeps with a minor over 15 years of age, she will not risk anything if the minor has not been removed from the authority of her parents. The offence of embezzlement of a minor is characterized by abduction and not by sexual intercourse. It can therefore be said that a cougar who sleeps with a minor over 15 consenting and who does not prevent him from returning to the home of his parents or legal guardians will therefore not risk anything under the law. You can sleep with a cougar if you are between 18 and 15 years old but you will not be able to live with her if your parents oppose it. So be careful not to get too attached or fall in love.

How to find an booty call with a cougar?

Cougars are one of the most shared fantasies, especially since the first American Pie and the now famous mother of stifler. But finding an booty call with a cougar is not always easy. How to flirt with them? Where to go to find an booty call with a cougar? Are there any successful dating sites to quickly find an booty call with a cougar? We give you all our advice.

Where to find an booty call with a cougar?

There are 2 ways to see the search for an booty call with a cougar: The first way to look for an booty call with a cougar is to do it the old-fashioned way, frequenting places known to be cougar landmarks. In Paris there are nightclubs such as Memphis which are known to be frequented by cougars and young cougar lovers and meetings are quite easy. The problem with this old-fashioned method is that the cougars who frequent these places are often a little shabby and the atmosphere is a little similar to that of a market. Cougars are looking for ass shots, that's positive, but men are meat and it's less so, especially when the cougar that makes you feel it is not of the very first quality … The second method to find an booty call with a cougar is to use the internet. Today's cougars perfectly master the internet and dating sites and no longer need to leave her home to find an booty call. Dating sites dedicated to connecting young men and cougars have become industry benchmarks and are as effective as market pillars such as Meetic or Adopt a Guy. Be careful though, not all cougar sites are equal and not all are suitable for the search for an booty call. There are cougar sites that are pure scams and others that are rather dedicated to building strong couples between cougars and young men. By registering on these you could succeed in meeting cougars but they would refuse for the most part to consider a simple booty call. See also: Our selection of the best cougar dating sites

On which site to find an booty call with a cougar?

If we were to recommend only one site to find a cougar booty call, we would recommend Cougars Avenue. Of all the cougar sites we tried www. is undoubtedly the one that impressed us the most. The cougars listed on the site are very numerous, spread over the entire France and they are especially the sexiest and best preserved of all cougar sites. In addition most are only looking for fun and, if you are clear about your intentions, you will have no trouble making them accept a simple booty call without a future. Registration on the site is free, so you can easily make your own opinion on the site but, trust us, you are not likely to be disappointed. To give you an idea you can see below some of the cougars registered on the site and looking for an booty call with a young guy. If one of them interests you we put the links to their profiles, you just have to click on their photo to start flirting with them. You will see that there is any type of cougar on, from the ultra direct woman who will put a half-naked profile picture and turn on to the more reserved woman that you will have to flirt a little more, there is something for everyone!