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Cougar Messenger is a Messenger chat type dating site. Specialized in cougar dating, Cougar Messenger offers to chat with cougars via a dedicated software. We tested this service and here is our opinion.

Cougar Messenger: A 100% cougar dating site

By registering on Cougar Messenger you know where you are setting foot: 100% of the women registered on Cougar Messenger are cougars of at least 40 years old. Their state of conservation varies from one to another but overall we found women rather well preserved and taking care of themselves and those we met were faithful to their photos.

At the level of the community registered on Cougar Messenger we are not totally at parity but at sight of nose and according to what we have been able to tell us the cougars with whom we exchanged it seems that there are 40% of women for 60% of men. It is therefore quite simple to exchange and meet cougars even if you will still have to prove yourself, these ladies having a sufficient number of courtiers so that they can be demanding. Do not panic despite everything, if you are neither bedridden nor mentally handicapped you will eventually find the cougar you need in a few days.

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Ideal for finding cougars near you

The strength of cougar messenger is to offer chats with geolocated cougars near you. Obviously depending on the region they will be 100m or 5kms and will be more or less numerous but the notoriety of Cougar Messenger allows it to offer you meetings almost everywhere in France and even in neighboring countries. When you arrive on the site, cougar messenger will spontaneously offer you a discussion with a cougar living in your area much like a Bazoocam or a chatroulette.

Almost only for ass shots

The small downside that we will put to our overall positive review of cougar messenger is that if you are looking for a serious relationship with a cougar this is probably not the place to go. By asking you to prove your majority as soon as you enter the Cougar Messenger site announces the color, this cougar chat is given as its main objective to connect cougars and young active people looking for an booty call. At best you can hope for a regular booty call with a cougar and at worst a one shot which is already not bad 🙂

Our opinion on Cougar Messenger

In the end, our opinion on Cougar Messenger is positive. The operation with messenger software makes exchanges really simple and meetings quick to organize. In Paris we were able to meet 3 cougars during our test period which is very satisfying. We will just remember that the cougars registered on the site are there only for plans ass full of vitality, romantic friends so you can pass your way, for others on the other hand it is all good.

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