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When we think we have seen everything, the Internet always manages to surprise us. Far from the best porn sites and out of sight, a site is a huge success. is a forum like we do little. Its members exchange photos hoping that others than them will ejaculate on them. Weird? A little yes…

How does CumOnPrintedPics work?

If you are under 20 years old the design of the site may shock you. It is a forum as the 2000s gave birth to many. Ugly but functional. Frequented mainly by Americans, it is active during the daytime in the US and the most viewed subjects can reach hundreds of thousands of views. To participate you must create an account but on printed pics is fully searchable as a guest, i.e. without specific registration.

What can be found on

The content posted on the site is quite creepy. Internet users send photos of girls they know or internet stars (Angie Varona is a great success there) and invent stories about their so-called love for sex. Girls are regularly belittled and insulted and it cannot be said that benevolence reigns. Paradoxically, there are quite few photos of cum tribute, just fap material, images on which the members of the forum will be able to jerk off. And the real problem with the site is that the content regularly flirts with pedophilia. Many photos of female fans tagged JailBait seem to show girls under the age of 18 and no control or moderation is really applied. The exchanges between the members quickly turn unhealthy and we feel that it is impulses at the limit of the illegal that push them to exchange photos of people who can be their neighbors, their cousins, their daughters …

Sites like CumOnPrintedPics

In its field cumonprintedpics is the undisputed leader. We can find other photo exchange forums such as PlanetSuzy or ViperGirls but not exactly on the same theme. On social networks such as Reddit or Twitter some hashtags or subreddit also see Internet users exchanging photos and tribute but it remains quite marginal. So there's really no alternative to

Our opinion on the site

As you will have understood, we are not big fans of CumOnPrintedPics. The atmosphere is super creepy, girls are not respected on the site, it's really unhealthy. Despite everything we respect all fantasies, so much the better if this site brings pleasure to some people.

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