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While organizing an adulterous encounter was still an ordeal a few years ago, daytime hotel room rental sites have revolutionized the lives of thousands of infidels. Under the guise of offering rooms to businessmen with a hole in their schedule, often luxurious hotels make their rooms available on slots of several hours with the key to beautiful discounts.

The business model of day use rooms

For a long time we were able to associate hotels by the hour with hotels of pass but today it is no longer so. The most luxurious hotels in Paris offer rooms during the day simply to make their considerable operating costs profitable. Outside of school holidays and big weekends, a large number of rooms remain empty at night and renting it during the day allows you to reach another clientele. If some professionals who move may need a place to rest between 2 appointments, the target clientele in priority is obviously that of couples, and especially illegitimate couples. For those lovers who cannot see each other under the marital roof, these luxurious settings represent an ideal environment to give free rein to their fantasy at a lower cost. No need for them to pretext a seminar or business trip to go to bed, they go under the radar by leaving in the morning and returning in the evening.

How do I book a day-use room?

To book a room for the day you have 2 choices. The first, the most artisanal, is to call a hotel and ask it directly the question. Rooms during the day will never appear on hotel websites because they could damage their brand image but on the phone you could have good surprises. The other way to book a room for the day is through specialized sites such as or So Room.On these sites you fill in your booking day, as on any booking site, but also your arrival time and the time you want to spend on site. The available hotels are then offered and can vary quite strongly from one day to the next. Dayuse's sites are a little less elaborate than the big booking sites and offer fewer filters but the offer is also more limited, so you should quickly find your happiness. To make your reservation, you will not necessarily need a credit card, a site like blocks the room without payment and you then pay directly at the reception of the hotel, ideal to pay in cash and not leave a trace if you are the stressed type.

How much does a hotel room cost per day?

The sites offer mostly quite luxurious hotels and take a small commission, so prices will almost never fall below 50 € and can go up quite high, 300 € or 400 € for the most expensive. Prices depend on both the class of the hotel and the time spent on site. In a hotel like the Molitor pool you will also have prices with access to the spa and pool and prices for a single room. Finally, in a season when hotels are full for long periods, summer or bridge weekends, you will find fewer rooms or more expensive rooms.

Our opinion on dayuse rooms

The rooms during the day are ideal to meet your lover or mistress in all discretion and in a romantic setting. The prices are cheaper than overnight bookings but do not make these meeting places places that can be frequented regularly in a painless way. Use sparingly but recommended anyway.  

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