De-chipping instructions for use

· De-chipping instructions for use


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For men, chipping is always a delicate moment. May premature ejaculation, fear of not giving an orgasm to his partner, may not succeed in putting on a condom … There is no shortage of reasons to worry. However, chipping can be a great time that you won't forget in your entire life. To make your de-chipping a success, here are some practical and useful tips.

De-dramatize the de-chipping

Most of the problems that can occur during de-chipping have a common origin: stress. To put all the chances on your side and succeed in your de-chipping, start not to put too much pressure on yourself. Depending on your age, this may also be your partner's first time and you won't have to insure as an X movie actor. If your chipping is also that of your girlfriend, take your time and favor sweetness, the main thing will be to reassure your partner and not hurt him.

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If your chipping is not that of your girlfriend and she has more experience than you, do not panic either. The first times between 2 partners are never exceptional, a successful sexual relationship often requires time and knowledge of the other. You don't know your partner, so she won't expect you to send her to heaven 7 the first time.

If you are afraid of not bandaging for your de-chipping, know that it is stress and excess reflection that causes erection problems. The more you think about it, the more likely you are to experience this kind of problem. Fear does not avoid danger, thinking too much will not bring you anything good. Rest assured, the vast majority of men very easily have an erection during their de-chipping, at the beginning of his sex life we often even have too many erections than not enough.

How to avoid premature ejaculation during its de-chipping?

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Chipping is a crucial moment in your life, don't wait until you're 40 to worry about it

Premature ejaculation is a common fear for all men before they are stripped. We tend to think that inexperience causes premature ejaculation but it is not, it is the tension and contraction that cause this kind of problem. De-chipping or not, so you can last a long time if you warm up well. Before your de-chipping, you can for example masturbate to release the sexual tension that inhabits you. You can also buy retardant condoms and change the box so that your partner doesn't know. Be careful though, retardant condoms are anesthetic and will fall asleep a little, so you will not have all the sensations you could have.

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During your de-chipping, there are a few simple methods to delay ejaculation. To begin with, breathe well. If you stay in apnea you will contract and trigger the ejaculation reflex. Breathing and blowing relaxes the body and gives you better self-control. Then, the great classic used by all men during their de-chipping: thinking of something ugly or disgusting. A sink full of dishes, a dirty toilet, Angela Merkel… There is no shortage of images when it comes to bringing down the pressure. Do not go too hard either, it should not be that by trying to prolong your deputching you experience your first failure 🙂

Unclogging with an unknown

To de-dramatize the de-chipping, some choose to unravel with unknowns. 50 years ago, most men lost their chip with a prostitute. Recently, the use of prostitutes is illegal in addition to being morally questionable, so there is no question of recommending it to you. What we advise you is to practice your chipping with a girl you do not like. The negative side is that you will not remember it as a romantic moment but, if you do not mind, it will allow you to arrive trained the day you want to sleep with a girl you love. By anticipating your chipping, you will have a better effect on what will matter to you and will have more chances to fill it.

To easily find a girl with whom to spend her chipping, sites oriented on the search for booty calls exist and are very effective to put in contact men and women looking for a good time. On these sites you will find very free girls who may find it distracting to unwind you. Contrary to what one might have thought, men openly saying that they are fleas and that they want to find a woman to uncap them have a great success on this kind of site, the girls who sign up looking for any type of experience, the most original being the most sought after. So you will be able to play fair and not hide your inexperience and your search for a plan to unchip.

To find a girl who will delight you, the 2 best sites are www. and www. These 2 sites are reserved for a major audience because of their explicitly sexual nature. Once registered for free on these sites, you will be able to easily create your profile and interact with women connected on their chats. The interest of these sites reserved for adults looking for cul plans is that the exchanges are very direct. You will be able to expose your search for de-chipping, women will then only have to tell you yes or no. And thanks to the mass of registrants on these 2 sites, the first girl agree to unpin you should quickly manifest. Here we do not waste time in useless flirting or pretending to be interested in the other, only the purpose counts.

These 2 sites have different models. Xflirt is 100% online when RencontresHard has its dedicated software. It's up to you to see what you feel most comfortable with. The 2 sites offer free registration, you will be able to register on the 2 and see which site you prefer. And nothing prevents you from staying active on the 2 sites at the same time, it will just require energy to satisfy 2 times more women!

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