Flirting on Linkedin: Instructions for use

· Flirting on Linkedin: Instructions for use


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We are often asked how to go about flirting on Linkedin. For many men who are closely watched by their wives, going through a dating site or facebook is dangerous and Linkedin therefore looks like a miracle solution. But beware: flirting on linkedin has everything of the false good idea and we tell you why.

Why we advise you not to flirt on Linkedin

Overall, mixing professional life and love life is not a very good idea. However, we can weight this observation by saying that many couples form in the workplace and that most people have therefore made a reason. Their colleagues sleep together and they don’t care. Regarding flirting on Linkedin, it’s different. Adding a girl to your professional network only because you liked her profile picture is likely to have a blast. Women registered on Linkedin are there to find work and to be valued for their skills, attacking them only based on their profile picture may annoy them to the highest degree and your chances of achieving will therefore be very slim. We have also seen a generalized mood movement of women tired of being dragged on Linkedin recently released in the press.

The public denunciation of linkedin draggers

Alexander Carter Silk's life changed the day Charlotte Proudman denounced her attempts to flirt on Linkedin

Alexander Carter Silk’s life changed the day Charlotte Proudman denounced her attempts to flirt on Linkedin

In the United States, a lawyer decided to publicly denounce a man who had contacted her on linkedin for the sole purpose of flirting with her. Charlotte Proudman, a lawyer, shared on Twitter the screenshot of a flirtation message sent by a certain Alexander Carter Silk. His post, retweeted more than 900 times, went viral and the image of poor Alex, a partner in a law firm and father of 2 children, took a huge hit. Beyond this personal case, this tweet has pushed many women to refuse any attempt to flirt and to publicly punish the unwelcome. For this reason, we must advise against flirting on Linkedin.

Circumvention of the fake job interview

Even if we do not necessarily endorse this kind of practice, we can still tell you how friends of ours, working in a large recruitment agency, did to flirt on Linkedin. When they spotted pretty candidates on Linkedin, they organized job interviews, real or fictitious, only to be able to meet her and start the conversation. Whether or not there was a real position at stake, they brought them in and positioned themselves directly as men worthy of interest since they could, on paper, boost the careers of young women. The linkedin contact was therefore done cleanly and the flirting took place in a classic way, face to face. So yes, it’s not very moral. But if these approaches can allow some to live beautiful stories, it will compensate for the original deceit of our draggers in suits and ties.