Dress Code with an escort – How to ask? Do I have to pay?



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When you meet an escort, it is natural to want to live your fantasies to the fullest. We can be a little intimidated at first, not dare, forget that we are the customer and that the customer is king. However, it is natural and usual to ask for a dress code or the wearing of a specific outfit to an escort you will meet. If you fantasize about sexy outfits, here's what you need to know to dress the escort of your dreams in the outfit of your choice.

Is it common for a client to ask an escort for a dress code?

Yes, there is nothing abnormal or exotic about a dress code request. Rather, these requests are found in experienced clients, who are no longer afraid to chat with escorts and who know what is being asked and what is not being negotiated. There are really 2 schools at this level:

  • Those who prefer the Girl Next Door side, who prefer the girl to be dressed comfortably or at least according to her personal preferences
  • Those who want to live a fantasy to the fullest and who want to leave no room for surprise

The 2 points of view are respectable and you are legitimate to ask for one or the other

How do I request a dress code from an escort?

As with all requests you make to an escort, you must first respect what she indicates in her 6ad card, Sexmodel or other. If the girl asks you for a contact by SMS only, do not call her. It is a basic but we prefer to remember it. Then start by introducing yourself, asking her for availability, doing as you would with any girl. Do not be too abrupt in your messages, if the escort feels that there is a very small risk that you are disrespectful or relou she will tell you to go elsewhere. Once the contact is in place, ask her if she is open to suggestions of outfits to wear on the date, most girls are but it is better to respect their consent and rules of the game to put the maximum chances of success on your side. And once it's good for her, give directions on what excites you without being too specific. Ask for high heels but do not ask for louboutin stiletto heels the first time, the escort is not supposed to have an infinite wardrobe, so bet on the fact that she will do the maximum to satisfy you. And do not forget to warn a little in advance, a latex outfit or garter belts do not put on at the last moment.

Difference between dress code and role-playing games

On the escort cards, you will often see the mention role-playing games and some confuse dress code and role-playing. However, role-playing goes much further.

  • As part of a dress code request the girl dresses to excite you but remains herself.
  • In the context of a role-playing game the escort disguises himself, it is no longer a simple outfit, and plays a role in its own right. She can be domineering, submissive, in manga heroine cosplay mode, play the Girlfriend Experience thoroughly… and you too will have your role to play. You too can be submissive, play husbands and wives, dominate her… Role-playing games are often charged extra and are practiced by specialists, not all girls being comfortable in this acting game.

Do I have to pay extra for a dress code?

You had part of the answer in the previous paragraph, the dress code is generally not charged and if an escort asks you to pay more for it we advise you to go your way. If she wants to make you pay for what is usually included in the basic prices of escorts she will necessarily try to scam you afterwards.