How to find an Escort girl in Lille?



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Tony du Nord asks us how to find an escort girl in Lille. We are rather Parisian but we asked Larry, a northern friend, to explain how to find an escort girl in Lille. And there as elsewhere, going through the internet is a good idea whether you are looking for an escort or an booty call.

The escort girl of Lille

To start, Larry wanted to tell us that looking for an escort girl in Lille is not necessarily a good idea. Prostitution is prohibited in France, so dating an escort girl can be risky. Conversely, escort girls are established in Belgium and it can be a good idea to travel a few kilometers and cross the border to satisfy your fantasy. We saw it recently with the carlton affair in Lille where escort girls from partly from Belgium provoked a case of morality in France. So be careful if you use an escort girl. That said, it is possible to find an escort girl in Lille. The best way is to go through the internet. Sites, on the border of legality, offer escort girl ads throughout the France and especially in the North. Lille is not the city with the largest number of escort girl ads in France, Paris, Lyon, Marseille, Bordeaux or Toulouse being far ahead, but you can still find ads that match your needs. We talk about escort girl but these sites also offer trans escort ads if you fantasize about transsexuals. The other way to find an escort girl in Lille is to go through luxury hotels. It is common for hotel receptionists, and especially luxury hotels, to know escort girls they are used to using. The advantage is that these escort girls are known and recognized and that you will not risk any scam with her or with a possible mac.

The alternative to escorts

If you do not want to take the risk of using an escort girl in a tense legal context, we recommend that you prefer an booty call dating site on which you will meet adults looking, like you, to sleep quickly with other people. The best known of the dating sites of plans cul are andwww., you can find many libertines or just adults who love sex and who will not ask you a penny to sleep with you. These sites are free but work best with a subscription of about €20 per month. Against these 20 € you can make as many meetings as you want and multiply the plans ass. In the end, for less than half an hour of escort girl you will have for example 1 year of subscription which can allow you to do, at the ladle, between 30 and 60 meetings. A very good alternative to Lille escort girls.