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Thanks to charming ad websites, it is easy to find detailed information about escorts with photos, prices and rankings. Prostitution is not legal in all countries, but it supports millions of women around the world. For many, it has become a profession like any other. But Covid-19 has gone through this, putting these sex workers in a more than precarious situation. And it is in these uncertain times that we must adapt. Some escort service operators offer interesting novelties to attract and keep their customers. The Swiss site CatGirl, for example, offers to spend a free hour with a beautiful escort. Each month, a visitor is drawn. On their Contest page, the profile of the girl of the month is highlighted. The competition is open for both men and women. Just enter your email address and click on the I try my luck button. New ideas to attract new customers The main reason for these novelties comes from the difficult economic period we are currently experiencing. Among the self-employed women who have to fight to survive because of Covid-19, there are obviously sex workers. However, those of them who are familiar with new technologies have a big advantage. Escort girls who have already used erotic advertising sites to publish escort ads can now organize virtual meetings there. The CatGirl site offers erotic video chats through their Catgirl Cam platform. These are the famous Camgirls. This platform allows you to interact live with girls from all over Europe. Catgirl Cam has also planned chats dedicated to lesbians, transsexuals and Teens from 18 to 25 years old. And you don't have to be a Swiss girl to offer your services on this platform. Girls from France, Spain or Germany have already registered. For those interested, one can see the procedure on how to become a camgirl directly on their site.

The use of new technologies is an advantage

In the world's oldest profession, new technologies have long made it possible to increase the efficiency of communication. Social networks allow free visibility to praise its paid sexual services. Since March 2020, confinement obliges, the number of camgirls has increased exponentially. Why? Because becoming a webcam star only requires an internet connection and a smartphone. The investment is therefore minimal. Erotic ad sites remain and will remain unavoidable. As a very specific niche, it is always the best way to advertise cheaply and link to your own sites.

Useful tools to help a sector in crisis

The Coronavirus crisis is hitting very hard, but not equally. Sex workers, despite their stated work, have very little hope that the Swiss government will help them. Politicians do not seem to be interested in them, showing a flagrant and public inequality of treatment. So even the state does not help you, you have to get by. This difficult work situation has worsened further with the second wave of the virus. Economically, escorts in Switzerland often have to fight. Most of them are self-employed. Not all of them have the opportunity to work like Camgirls and only a few have sufficient financial reserves to survive in an era where contacts with customers are less numerous. It is therefore important that politically responsible people have conversations with sex workers in order to create a framework in which they can carry out their work safely.

Modern means of sexual communication

Where Covid has made this activity more difficult, technology has made it easier. On the one hand, customers can easily choose who they want to book through erotic ad sites. On the other hand, thanks to Google and social networks, sex workers can also learn about their customers. Evolution has come a long way since the days when customers had no choice but to travel and pay for their escort in cash. Then, mobile phones made it easier to make appointments by SMS. Then came the escort girls listing ad sites with her highly detailed profiles. And today the Camgirls, where all the steps of the process are done online. Very clever one who will be able to predict the next big evolution of paid sex.

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