How to find an independent escort

· How to find an independent escort


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At a time when escort sites are closing one after the other, moving towards independent escorts seems the best alternative for customers. But how to find an independent escort? Which sites to go to? Some keys to successfully finding and contacting an independent escort.

What is an independent escort?

An independent escort is an escort who is not accompanied or supervised by any mac or agency. To make themselves known, independent escorts most often use social networks (instagram, twitter …) or to personal websites that are often quite basic, presenting photos of them, their location and a way to contact them. You could also be told that independent escorts can use ad sites such as 6ad or Sexmodel but, according to the law and to the extent that these sites charge escorts to publish their ads, these sites can be considered their pimps.

Are independent escorts legal?

In France, and pending the next promulgation of the Vallaud Belkacem law penalizing the client of prostitutes, only pimping and solicitation are punishable by law. Independent escorts are therefore not illegal, but prostitution is not allowed. A legal blur surrounds the sale and purchase of sexual services. It is therefore not necessary to find in the law an encouragement to go see an independent escort rather than an agency escort, the 2 being theoretically outside the legal perimeter.

Why go see an independent escort?

The legal war waged against escort sites is decimating ad sites. Missives andNiamodel were the first 2 renowned sites to be closed and more will follow. If we add to this the wars that escort sites are waging between them, hacks making them inaccessible (especially 6ads) and the unobjective opinions left by girls' pimps, it becomes very complicated to find an escort on an ad site. But more than because of the law, it is morally that it is more healthy to use an independent escort who will not have to pay part of his salary to an intermediary not necessarily well-intentioned. Here we are not a fan of prostitution, the environment can be dirty and violent for the girls working there. But if you want to use an escort, choose at least one independent escort who will choose her own clients, working conditions, etc…

New sites dedicated to independent escorts

More and more independent escorts are creating their site on escortbook.

More and more independent escorts are creating their site on escortbook.

Faced with the upcoming bankruptcy of escort ad sites, sites are providing independent escorts with ways to promote their offer. The historical actor is of course Vivastreet. At the base site of free classified ads, it quickly became for many synonymous with ads for prostitutes, masseuses and independent escorts. The site does not charge for its ads, it seems a priori safe from prosecution for pimping even if it remains borderline. The ads are often quite low-end and so are the customers. Putting an ad on Vivastreet is therefore not necessarily a great idea for an independent escort looking to do in quality. More upscale, the Escortbook site is the first site generator designed for independent escorts. With all the features they can expect (photo gallery, pricing page, indexing in directories …) it is 100% free as long as the escorts are content with subdomain hosting ( A priori it seems therefore safe from prosecution even if more advanced features will necessarily come by paying, no site editor doing this on a voluntary basis. The site is for the moment a little translated to the trowel but it seduces more and more escorts in Benelux and France and many escorts become independent after becoming known on sites like 6annonce or in agencies such as Russian Love.

Plan cul dating sites

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