Is the profession of escort legal or not?

· Is the profession of escort legal or not?


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In the midst of the debate on the criminalization of prostitutes' clients, many of you are asking us if the profession of escort is legal or not and if we risk something by becoming their client. If the subject is unclear in the minds of many people, it is concretely very easy to decide since, yes, the profession of escort is legal.

Escort = Legal – Pimp = Illegal

legal escort or not

The profession of escort is legal and the client does not risk anything for the moment. Pimping, on the other hand, is illegal.

Overall, we have never bothered prostitutes and escorts who work independently. The crime of soliciting was invented to dissuade them from wandering on the public road in too provocative outfits, but never has a prostitute been convicted simply for having received money for sexual intercourse. On the other hand, pimping is severely punished and it is therefore the entire entourage of escorts who flirt with illegality. Pimping is defined as an activity of profiting from or promoting the prostitution of others by Wikipedia and broadly by law. It is therefore quite vague and can therefore concern many people who work in contact with escorts. A photographer who will take a picture of a girl for shots that will be used to attract the client, a webmaster who creates the site of an escort, a site that will charge an escort to display his ad more often… All this could be considered by a fussy judge as pimping and therefore be convicted.

And the customer in all this?

The client is for the moment out of danger legally as long as of course the escort is of age. A bill currently between the National Assembly and the Senate plans to penalize the client but the project should only pass in a few weeks. If it passes (or rather when it passes) the client who will be caught in the presence of a prostitute can be questioned by the police and convicted. Enough to deter all escort clients who have wives and children and make them turn instead to sites such as www. or www. that allow you to find booty calls legally and for free.