How to find an escort in Paris

· How to find an escort in Paris


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If there is one city where it is easy to find an escort it is Paris. Even if prostitution is not legal in France, escorts are numerous in Paris thanks to the international clientele and the high standard of living. But where to find an escort in Paris ? When you don't know where to look, it's hard to know where to start to find an escort in Paris.

Find an escort in a Parisian hotel

Heart of target of the escorts of Paris, the tourists of passage. If you are staying in Paris for a weekend, a night or a week, you can easily find an escort through the reception of your hotel. Although many hotels do not care, off it is very easy to get the escort details by simply asking the staff of your hotel to provide you. This service is mainly found in hotels that are a little luxurious but standard hotels have

escort paris bar hotel

Luxury hotel bars and their affluent clientele attract escorts from Paris

also their contacts. When you make your request, use pictorial vocabulary. It is not necessary to be too explicit, do not ask for a whore or even an escort, just ask if the hotel would know pretty women who would agree to accompany you on your visit to Paris, they are used to it, they will understand right away. Be careful though, the escort is not a prostitute, she will not necessarily agree to sleep with you. It's up to you to make sure of her intentions before dating her.

Find an escort in a Parisian bar

Escorts often frequent hotel bars or bars located near the Champs Elysées. As we saw during the Zahia affair with the Zaman café or that of the Carlton in Lille, bars / hotels are even often complicit and welcome with kindness escorts who bring them a high-end clientele close to spending a lot of money for them. It's hard to tell you precisely which café in Paris hosts the most escorts, escorts moving regularly to avoid being too noticed and being too easily traceable. I know that there are mentions of the presence of escorts at Le Méridien Etoile or Concorde Lafayette , but the fact that there have been does not mean that there are always some. The bars of large hotels necessarily attract escorts because of their wealthy clientele but they do not always see it with a good eye and can put them at the door of their establishment. If you are looking for an escort, go to corners with many luxury bars and visit one after the other. The Champs Elysées or the rue de Rivoli should allow you to find your happiness.

Find an escort in Paris via internet

Last way to find an escort in Paris: use the Internet. Many escort directories exist, we talked about some of them here (Niamodel, Lovesita, Sexemodel…) but these directories tend to disappear under the threat of prosecution for pimping. On the internet, plan cul dating sites are starting to replace escort directories. Bringing the same final result (sleeping with an open girl), plan cul dating sites are much cheaper than an escort in Paris, with subscriptions ranging from 20 to 40 €, or 10 to 20 times less than a single Parisian escort. In addition, at a time when prostitution and escorting are decried and about to be penalized, dating sites of plan cul between consenting adults have the advantage of being totally legal. Last point, the booty calls encountered on these sites almost all turn into a regular booty call, after 2 months you can stop your subscription and continue to sleep with the girls met on these sites. Sites like www. andwww. will allow you to meet very quickly girls who are only looking for ass.   Registration is free but subscription is highly recommended to get results. These sites are effective throughout the France (we were able to test them in Nantes, Lille and Rennes) but it is Paris that they are the most frequented. If you are looking for an escort in Paris, we recommend that you test them before dropping 200 or 300 € in an escort.