Escorts69: The fashionable escort girl site

· Escorts69: The fashionable escort girl site


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6 months ago, Escorts69 was an almost anonymous site. But the disappearances of major sites such as Niamodel have made this site a must-have site for anyone who wants to find an escort girl. With thousands of escort girl and trans escort ads and a few escort boy ads, Escorts69 has something for everyone.

Escorts69: Escorts throughout the France

escorts69 cities escort girl

Escorts69 offers escort ads all over the France

Unlike other sites such as LoveSita, Escorts69 is a 100% French site. With a page dedicated to the escort girls of Paris and sections dedicated to all the largest cities in France, Escorts69 will allow anyone, throughout the territory, to find a shoe at their feet. Even if most of the escort girl ads concern Paris (3017 out of 4453 at the time of writing), Lyon, Lille or Grenoble will have more than 100 ads for each of their cities. Other cities still have few ads (Rennes and Nancy for example) but the success of Escorts69 being recent we can imagine that new ads will quickly be added to existing ads.

As many escort girl as trans escort

As on many escort girl sites, trans escorts are very numerous on Escorts69. With 1200 trans escort ads for 1600 escort girl ads, we find about the same proportions that could be found on Niamodel. This is explained by the slightly taboo side of transsexualism favoring the use of the internet, anonymous media, to find his trans escort. At the level of the operation of escorts69 we regret not being able to cross-check the ads of trans escort with the geographical location, the links to the ads of the big cities applying to all the ads and not only to the escort girl or trans.

escorts69 paying

Escorts69 offers escorts to pay to have more clients.

Escorts69: A free site but not for everyone…

To find escort girl or trans ads and call them, no need to register on Escorts69, phone numbers are displayed in clear and therefore totally free. To get paid, Escorts69 offers escorts to promote their ads as premium ads for 69 € per month. This method of pricing may be problematic for them as it has been a problem for other sites because it is strongly discouraged to take money from a prostitute to put her in touch with customers. We would therefore not be surprised to see the business model of escorts69 change shortly, it risking to attract the wrath of the morals brigade.

A recent success but in full explosion

Escorts69 is a recent site that owes its success to the disappearance of many of its competitors. Confidential less than a year ago, Escorts69 is now frequented by tens of thousands of visitors each month. Let's wait and see if this site lasts longer than Niamodel or if it, too, should close its doors quickly. But in the short term, its audience is expected to continue to grow at a very steady pace.

escorts69 frequentation site escort girl

Incconu a few months ago, Escorts69 saw its traffic explode after the disappearance of Niamodel.

Much has been said about it, the Vallaud-Belkacem law will soon penalize the use of prostitution. Until then sheltered, the clients of prostitutes will soon be able to be condemned by law. When such a law passes, one might think that it will not really be desirable to appear in the telephone directories of prostitutes or in the databases of escort girl sites. That's why we advise you to register on special plan cul dating sites rather than escort girl sites. These sites ( and www. for hetero booty calls, for transsexual ass shots) will allow you to meet liberated women who are only looking for ass shots, one night or more recurrent.  Registration is free but a subscription of 20 to 30 € can allow you to boost your profile to meet even more booty calls. If we compare the 20 € subscription to the 100 € that you would take a prostitute / escort girl, profitability is reached from the first meeting. Lovers of girl and trans escorts, we advise you to change your tack before the law brutally obliges you to do so.

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