On which site to find a free sexfriend?

· On which site to find a free sexfriend?


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The concept of sexfriend is a concept that has been rising for 3 or 4 years. Equivalent to a regular booty call, the sexfriend is not reserved exclusively for sexual relations since a real friendship unites the 2 parts. But how to find a free sexfriend? And is it really a good thing to make one of her friends her sexfriend? Our opinion on the matter.

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How to find a free sex friend?

To begin with, we do not find a sexfriend since in theory we already have it in front of our eyes and in the directory of our phone. A sexfriend is above all a friend who found herself single at the same time as you, who wanted to fill a gap and with whom you found common interests. To find a sex friend we must find a friend who we like, who we like and who has the same vision of sexuality as us. It is also necessary that this potential sexfriend is strong enough in his head to never wish for more than an improved friendship relationship, the golden rule of a sexfriend relationship being that it is forbidden to attach oneself. And of course, you have to be sure that you can assume this relationship without it changing your friendship for her.

Is it really a good idea to become a sexfriend?

After a big fashion phenomenon 2 or 3 years ago, the concept of sexfriend is starting to divide. Perfect on paper, it is much more difficult to set up in real life, the chances of at least one of the two attaching themselves being very high. To satisfy a basic need we then come to endanger a precious friendship that it becomes difficult to recover once the sexfriend relationship is over. How can we continue to take a benevolent look at the other’s romantic relationships when they come between him and us? How can you not compare yourself, even unconsciously, to the person who enters your life without asking your opinion? It becomes very difficult to be a true friend for the one with whom we have shared more than a beautiful friendship.

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What alternative to the sexfriend relationship?

As we have seen, the sexfriend relationship is perfect on paper but clashes with the feelings of friendship that can bind the 2 sexfriends. To avoid this problem, you have to find a girl with whom to share your sex life but with whom you have never been friends before having this intimacy. If the relationship that reads you to this girl has always been sexual, it will never be a problem. It will be necessary that your friendship develops around this mainly sexual relationship which will prevent jealousy from developing. The ideal is to do things backwards and first find an booty call with which we will make friends little by little.

Where to find this booty call that will become your sexfriend?

Obviously, you’re going to tell me that my plan doesn’t seem much simpler than sleeping with a friend 🙂 Except that there are sites on which you can easily find your future sexfriend. Be careful, never register on sites that have the term plan cul or sexfriend in their url. Most often these are traps that bet everything on a successful google SEO but on which you just risk being scammed. The safe values in plan cul dating sites is www.Xflirt.com and www. RencontresHard.com. Existing for a few years, these sites have allowed many people, including us, to meet regular or occasional booty calls throughout the France. And as these sites are very present in the libertine community, the sexfriends you will make there may make you spend a very good time 🙂 To try if you want to find a sexfriend without risking to spoil a beautiful friendship.

The difference between these 2 sites is essentially due to their operation. Xflirt is a totally online site when RencontresHard has a dedicated software. If you are not on your pc, choose www.Xflirt.com, you won’t have to install anything. If you are on your pc then try www.RencontresHard.com. These 2 sites offer free registration, so you can make new sexfriends without having to pay. A much better solution than risking screwing up a beautiful friendship.