A hacker hacker from escort girl sites

· A hacker hacker from escort girl sites


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We have already talked about hacking for dating sites but not yet about hacking for escort girl sites. A Moroccan hacker working under the pseudonym EISurveillance decided to attack British escort girl sites to take them out of service. His hashtag on twitter : #EscortsOffline

Escort girl vs Muslim conviction

hacker site escort ElsurveillanceEISurveillance claims that he hacks escort girl sites because they are in contradiction with his Muslim faith. In his words, Allah gave bodies to men and women to take care of, not to destroy them, so he decided to make it impossible to connect customers and escorts by destroying specialized websites.

Next step: revelation on escorts and clients

According to the British press, EISurveillance could move up a gear by revealing the exchanges between prostitutes and clients or even by revealing the identities of men using escort girls services. Nearly 100,000 exchange records were allegedly hacked by the hacker. In the meantime, webmasters of escort sites are teaming up on specialized forums to try to secure their sites and prevent further hacks. For the moment EISurveillance has not attacked any French escort site but, technically, nothing will prevent it from moving to the French market when it is done with the British sites.