How much do prostitutes cost the French?

· How much do prostitutes cost the French?


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When you ask a prostitute how much is it? , we obviously do not think about the cost of prostitution for the state. However, a report focused on the cost of prostitution for the coffers of the French state. t between police officers, abortion, medical treatments… prostitutes cost the state much more than their client.

A study conducted by an anti-prostitution association

how much do prostitutes costSuffice it to say right away, the report we are going to quote is not at all objective since it comes from the association Le Mouvement du nid which advocates the criminalization of the client and is rigorously opposed to prostitution.Once we have said that, we can still quote some interesting elements of the report. For example, it provides an estimate of the costs of medical consultations caused directly by the activity of a prostitute. Prostitutes consume 4.5 times more drugs than non-prostitutes. We also learn that the costs related to the repression of prostitution (police, gendarmerie, justice) would be 35 million euros. The largest items of expenditure listed in the report would be the social component, APL and reintegration aid would weigh 364 million euros per year, and the tax component since it would be 853 million euros from the sex economy that would escape tax.

A point of view at best naïve, at worst intellectually dishonest

The problem with this study on prostitution is that it compares the current situation to a situation that will never exist. It considers that the money invested in prostitutes would be better placed in the classical economy, that prostitutes would necessarily have been registered workers if they were not prostitutes and therefore that they would not have needed the help they receive in their life as sex workers. By advocating the severe prohibition of prostitution and the punishment of the client, the movement of the nest also legitimizes part of the costs that it counts in its report (justice and police). It can therefore be concluded, from this report, that the best way to reduce the cost of prostitution for the community would be to legalize and regulate it. By not penalizing it, by making sex workers contributors like others and sexual benefits taxable goods, it would be possible to turn prostitution into a profit center for the state. Obviously this is first of all a moral debate and that is why the nest movement has everything wrong by making the subject of the legality of prostitution a lowly financial subject.