How to court a girl on Facebook?



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The largest social network in the world by the number of users, Facebook, beyond its dimension of community integration space, has also revolutionized the methods of approaches between the different sexes. It can be said that today it is a hunting ground for inveterate seducers. However, not everyone has the chance to approach a girl effectively. As banal as it may seem, only a minority of men manage to win the jackpot and snatch a date.

The best techniques of approaches

Coming across the photo of a pretty girl you like a lot is common on Facebook, and if you were on the street, you would certainly have approached it. However, on this social network, things can be more complicated for many reasons:

  • Facebook is a social network, it is not an erotic dating site. And if you are interested in dating sites, you might as well visit a platform like that updates the best dating sites.
  • On Facebook, girls receive a lot of invitations, especially when they are more or less presentable;
  • Girls on Facebook usually do not find any interest in talking to a stranger, especially when they know that the latter like so many others is a possible suitor.
Despite all these parameters, women are not insensitive to those who know how to do it. Here are some approach techniques that can help you land the first appointment:
  • Your profile: it is very important, because even if the habit does not make the monk, it allows to recognize him. This is the first passport to have a girl on Facebook, as she will look to see your profile picture (which needs to be cared for) and your page to learn more about you;
  • The first message: you don't have to ask him to add it. To get out of the ordinary, you can directly send him a message. And since she receives enough, it will then be necessary to be special;
  • Show interest: for the first message, in order to avoid that your message is read without any response from him, it will be necessary to direct the content to his person. It can be his style of dress, a comment posted on a forum or his smile;
  • Familiarization: when a girl replies to your messages, do not lose your hand and be in her rhythm (more or less short messages); don't clutter her with many messages, especially when she's slow to respond to you. She's busy or probably looking for what she's going to tell you.
  • The first date: never rush a first date. Take your time and do it when you feel most like you've earned his trust.

Knowing how to make the right speech at the right time

Clumsiness is the most intolerable mistake when courting a girl on Face. It can block you quickly. Your speech must therefore be attractive and be rhythmic on his. Don't write more than she writes and let this pretty lady who attracts you so closely to you to discover who you are too. Why not start your first message with: Hi Corine, I find your smile really pleasant we can advise it as a recipe for a good start to the day. ». But, there are other phrases you can use. The important thing would be to create the first contact. Above all, do not forget to have a readable style without appearing pedantic; it improves your image.

How do I request the first appointment?

Always remember that you are a stranger despite your exchanges. Nevertheless, you need to meet. Do not hesitate to take advantage of an event in your environment to invite him. To keep control of the situation, it is best not to issue an official invitation. Be indirect. Thus, according to his musical taste, you can tell him that you are going to a concert; Would she like to go there as well? Maybe it's time to get to know yourself better.
Indeed, you could be refused if you make your request officially. If she accepts, she may start to take a better interest in you. For that first physical contact, be really cool. This is decisive. Good luck to you!