How to find an booty call on a dating site?

· How to find an booty call on a dating site?


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how to find an booty call

how to find an booty call

It is not easy to know how to find an booty call on a dating site. Should we tell the truth or promise more than sex? Which photo to choose? What aspects of his personality to highlight when looking for an booty call on a dating site? And especially on which dating site to look for an booty call with the most chance of finding one? Do not panic, here are our tips to quickly find an booty call on a dating site.

Should we be honest when looking for an booty call on a dating site?

Of course! Being honest, before being a moral choice, is a rational choice. Many women are also looking for booty calls and if you take the posture of the one who seeks love you will miss these easy encounters. In your description or in your expectations, do not hesitate to say that you are not ready to commit and that you are therefore primarily looking for an booty call and physical encounters. This honesty will pay off.

Which photos to choose?

Obviously you need photos that highlight you but do not choose photos that are too old or retouched, it would work against you in the medium term. A girl who is looking for an booty call will first of all look for a man who pleases her physically but if you lie to provoke a meeting there is a good chance that the girl who will fall into your trap will leave before even having spoken to you.

In your photos, choose photos where you appear uncovered. Whether in a tight t-shirt or a swimsuit on the beach, your photos must have a sexual implication that will make the girls who consult your profiles understand that you will make them spend a scorching night. Turtlenecks and long coats are therefore completely prohibited.

What qualities will appeal to potential ass shots?

The qualities that you need to highlight when looking for an booty call are the ones that will make it clear that you are one of those guys who can bring a girl back from any party. So talk about your sociability, the fact that you are sporty and, if so, do not hesitate to say that you are a good dancer. Girls very often link the fact that we know how to dance to the fact that he will be a good booty call. Do not hesitate to mention if you are libertine or used to swingers clubs because it will show that you are used to making love to many naughty women and that you will know how to go about it when it comes to starting your fucking plan with them.

You have been honest in your description, the girls know that you are looking for a Q plan.In your qualities you must therefore be subtle. If you say that you are a good move you will just pass for a pretentious and will no longer have any room for maneuver to impress the girls you will manage to meet in real life. Suggest that you will know how to fill the hotties who will try their luck with you, you have to work their imagination and develop fantasies around your physique and your virility. Conversely, do not hesitate to say explicitly what you want a woman to do to you. By specifying that you want a vicious girl, a bi woman, someone who sucks you or that you prefer big breasts, you will position yourself as a man able to choose his partners and therefore as a guy who is spoiled for choice. It will strengthen the desire of women to see you in real life to satisfy their curiosity.

Types of Women on Naughty Dating Sites

Before you let yourself try your luck on one of the best dating sites without a future, here are some profiles of women you can meet there. When you recognize these profiles you can adopt your approach to maximize your chances of concluding.

The submissive girl who is looking for a domineering man

Some women do not aspire to be completely in control of their sexuality. Or rather they decide not to control everything. These women have to fantasize about being fucked by a guy who will take everything in hand and enjoy undergoing the unfolding. When we talk about suffering we are obviously not talking about consent, for everything to go well we must define the framework upstream, choose a safe word that they can use to decide to stop the game of domination / submission.

To flirt with a submissive girl you will have to highlight your macho side, your love for sex a little muscular and take the conversation in hand. Do not be too desired because she will never flirt with you explicitly, she is waiting because not always very confident about her seductive abilities, charge you to sexualize the conversation and quickly organize a meeting. Also be aware that submissive and shy girls appreciate naughty webcam games more than others.

The vicious nymphomaniac accustomed to ass sites

She is the easiest to recognize and the easiest to fuck. She is used to sites like xflirt and will jump on you as soon as you register. She will not go 4 ways when it comes to talking about ass and can even intimidate the most adventurous. In front of her you must be able to delay because the longer you make her wait the more she will be unleashed when she sleeps with you. So do not hesitate to tell him that you have just registered, that you give yourself time to see the girls available and that you are not in a hurry because you already have booty calls on hand. This somewhat haughty tone will drive her crazy and she will try to prove to you that she is better than others. You can then ask him everything: sodomy, facial ejaculation, 3-way plan with one of his bisexual girlfriends… Do not hesitate to go far in your requests because it will excite him even more.

The student who seeks to experiment

The youngest who register on these sites are often a little shy at first but do not stay that way for long. They sign up on these sites to try things they wouldn't do as part of an ongoing relationship. They are often less available than their elders because they can live with their parents and their availability is therefore often during the day, between their classes. Real little sluts sleep in them but you will have to take time to help them get these traits out of their personality. Start with naughty words during the day, in potentially embarrassing situations that can excite them, follow up with sexting or webcam displays and then, when an atmosphere of trust has settled, offer them a real booty call, in the place that suits them. These girls are not necessarily used to naughty plans with strangers, they will only act if they are sure of who they are dealing with. If it can reassure them, you can give them an appointment at the end of your work to demonstrate your seriousness and the stability of your position. It will take you longer to sleep with her than with more expressed women but you will not regret having invested a little time because, in bed, they will be without complex and their libido will be limitless.

On which sites to find an booty call?

It goes without saying that not all dating sites are made to find an booty call. Meeetic or E-Darling are very good sites to find love but their communication does not push girls who are looking for sex to register with them. To find an booty call we advise you instead the following sites that we will divide into 2 categories. First the general dating sites known to attract liberated girls who seek and accept booty calls. Then the sites that are mainly frequented by an almost libertine community and that bets everything on sex. Do not hope to find love on the sites of this second category, girls are only looking for booty calls.

Dating sites special plan cul

Hard Dating

2nd site of our selection, www. is a site dedicated to dating booty calls. Working with a dedicated software, it allows to exchange by messenger and webcam with many particularly open girls. With at least a hundred connected members at all times, about 60% of whom are women, Rencontres Hard is a site that is rising strongly in the field of booty calls.We recommend the free trial formula without commitment that allows you to benefit from all the features of the site without paying. Attention, the site is reserved for adults.

X Flirt

XFlirt is a site dedicated to dating booty calls. Very present with the libertine community, it is the N°1 of sexual dating sites. On this site, no serious meeting, only fun and fun. If this is what you are looking for, do not hesitate.

Jacquie and Michel Contact – The latest

One site questioned the hierarchy of cul plan sites. Launched by porn giant Jacquie and Michel, it functions as a libertine social network and brings together thousands of sex lovers including some of the best actresses in the studio. To avoid an influx of too many guys it is not totally free but available from 2 €. If you have 2€ to spend, we advise you to invest them in a premium access to www. because the value for money is exceptional.

General dating sites where one can easily find an booty call


Easyflirt is the most visited dating site in France with a community of over 7 million members. Among these millions of members a large part registers only for the sexy part of the site. The name Sexy is a mild understatement since it is more of an online swinger box than a sexy site 🙂 Registration on Easyflirt is free, so we strongly recommend that you register very quickly. With 7 million members you are sure to find many booty calls near you.

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Rencontres Hard ça marche pas mal sur mobile mais le plus complet pour moi c’est Xflirt. J’ai testé en région parisienne et sur Bordeaux et j’ai toujours trouvé des meufs à niquer.


Y a un site qui figure pas sur la liste mais qui marche vraiment bien c’est Faut aimer les femmes mures mais avec l’inscription gratuite et pas mal de milf très ouvertes on s’y amuse beaucoup 🙂


Sur Lyon c’est Xflirt le meilleur site. Edenflirt y a pas trop de meufs et sur Easyflirt elles sont un peu trop romantiques. Xflirt est au dessus !


Une chose est sûre, on perd moins son temps quand on cherche du cul sur internet que quand on essaye de draguer dans la vraie vie. Moi j’ai arrêté les bars et les boîtes, le retour sur investissement est nettement meilleur sur le web.