Unfaithful man or woman: How to flirt to deceive?



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How to flirt when you are married?

Flirting when you're married, morally it's not great. But according to all the married men who have tried, flirting when you're married works wonderfully well. But how do we do that? Are there methods to successfully flirt when you are married? on the contrary, are there methods to flee? We'll explain everything.

Keep your wedding ring or not?

If some married men withdraw their wedding ring to flirt, it is surely not to have better results but to have a good conscience. Flirting with your wedding ring in front of your eyes can confuse and make you think more than you would need if you wanted to seduce effectively. But if you want to save time, keep your wedding ring, it will allow you to have a first topic of conversation with the girls you are targeting and, if you manage these first moments well, it will allow you to go half the way.

I'm married but… it's complicated

Seeing your wedding ring, a girl can't help but tell you about it. You seem open but ostensibly wear your wedding ring, it will necessarily intrigue him. It will then be time to lie but not too much. Answer him that you are married but that it is complicated, that you married too young and that your couple is coming to an end. By saying this, you allow your counterpart to appreciate your frankness while imagining with you by anticipating your separation. Girls love to think that they can bring you what another is unable to give. Do not hesitate to say that you have taken a break with your wife, it will legitimize the fact that you talk to other women than yours.

Why being married makes you a listed man

If women are attracted to married men it is because they represent the man capable of committing, the man who believes in love and is therefore reassuring. You must therefore bet on these points to flirt. Do not hesitate to talk about your lost illusions, it will allow the girl with whom you are talking to reassure you, to gain confidence in herself and especially to believe that unconsciously you have just shown her that you are looking for a serious story. Even when a girl is looking to have fun, she likes to tell herself that if it ever works well there is the possibility of a serious relationship.

Where to flirt when you are a married man?

When you are married, 2 possibilities. The first is to flirt the old-fashioned way. Choose hotel bars, places frequented by business customers, lively but quiet places such as lounge bars. You must be able to talk to enjoy your status, in a nightclub being married will not bring you any added value. If these places work well it is because there are women accustomed to men on business trips, freed from their marital obligations. You will therefore have an audience sensitive to your assets. The other way to flirt is dredging 2.0. Sites for infidels have been developing strongly for 3 years and are now the most effective way to flirt when you are a married man looking for extramarital dating. Be careful though, do not register on any dating site. Some are not very busy, others are too expensive for the service they provide. We particularly recommend the sites below. Www. JacquieEtMichel-Infideles.com: Air Adult is the new leader in infidel encounters. Cheaper than Gleeden, much busier than Ashley Madison, Air Adult is the perfect compromise between privacy, quick dating and quality community. A must for any married man wishing to flirt on the internet. Www. Idilys.com: Idilys, hitherto known as Entre Infidèles is the other site that goes up. Launched a short time ago, it has a community spread throughout France and even all French-speaking countries. Its neat interface and advanced chat and profiling technologies guarantee quality encounters between unfaithful men and women. Last site that we can advise you if you are looking for non-binding dating, www.XFlirt.com. On Xflirt, you can meet liberated women who are only looking for ass shots. That you are married will not disturb them for a second, on the contrary! Most of the women registered on Xflirt are also committed and will be reassured to deal with men who hope for nothing more than meetings without a future. This site is free but the paid registration is really worth it as the meetings are numerous.

How to flirt with a married man?

Flirting with a married man is tricky for a woman. Too often, when a man cheats on his wife, the mistress is considered the main culprit. Yet, it is normal to fall in love with a married man and desire to seduce him. Let's see how to flirt with a married man.

A married man is a man first and foremost

Whether you want to flirt with a married man or a single man, the technique is not much different. The main constraint is that you will have to make him understand that you are sensitive to his charms without being too enterprising. The idea is that the desired married man is convinced that he is not going to the pipe breaker if he flirts with you while leaving his hand. Even more than another man, the married man will want to dominate the flirting, master the game. So be smiling, bewitching, make innuendos but leave him the hand. If you flirt with him too head-on you risk scaring him and looking like a praying mantis.

Define what you expect from him

Before you flirt with a married man, you need to ask yourself what you are hoping for and sincerely answer this question. If you hope for a relationship without a future you will not flirt in the same way as if you hope to turn him away from his wife and make him your regular man. During the first discussions between you, you must be transparent not for him but for you. If you don't tell him right away what you expect from him you may blame yourself if things don't turn out the way you wanted.

Don't force his hand

As long as he has not left his wife, the married man is a double agent. You knew from the beginning his status as a married man, you must respect him. Avoid sms at times when you know it with his wife, if he uses a hidden mailbox use only that one and do not spy on him. Spying on a married man is the assurance of hurting himself. Never forget that you are for the moment the illegitimate.

Offer the married man what his wife no longer brings him

Quickly try to find out what makes him willing to cheat on his wife. Sexual problems? Stuffy woman? By knowing what he has to reproach his wife you will know on which points to insist on your side. Be naughty, sure of yourself, do not ask too quickly. You have to give him time to realize naturally that you are superior to the woman he no longer loves.

Distance yourself to force him to act

A married man who cheats on his wife has his cake and eat it. At some point you will have to act to force him to move if you want him to leave his wife in your favor. So you will have to start refusing appointments, let him think that maybe on your side you also do not just see him and stir up his jealousy. Do not stay in your role as a kind mistress for too long, making such a situation last would not be beneficial for anyone.

Flirting with a married woman by sms

To flirt with a married woman, sms is probably the best way. Efficient, discreet, flexible… the sms will allow her to answer you without too much risk of being caught and adapting to the presence or not of her husband. If you are targeting a married woman, here are some tips to optimize your flirting by sms.

Choose your timing well

Timing is paramount in SMS flirting. When trying to seduce a woman who is engaged or married, we must focus on the moments when her companion is not there. In the morning start after 10am and in the evening avoid writing after 7pm. Also pay attention to the schedules to which she answers you, it will teach you a lot about the rhythm of her husband and therefore that of her couple. Little by little, you will be able to adapt to her availability and will be able to interact with her as if she were single. For a woman to be receptive to your advances and enter into a process of seduction it is necessary that she has a minimum of peace of mind and therefore that she does not have to fear being surprised permanently. It is only when you are more advanced in your flirtation than the fear of getting caught to become a factor of excitement.

Go gradually but free

If you know she's married, your approach can be mistaken for friendship if you just be gallant. Without behaving like a wall content of Châtelet les Halles, you will have to be clear about your intentions from the beginning. So sexualize the conversation very quickly. A married woman already has a husband who represents security, what she can look for and what can push her to think outside the box is adventure, risk, madness… and sex. We know that after a few years the desire is dulled, so your sms must excite it a minimum so that it lends them interest. Be kindly salacious, hinder her by using inappropriate tones (naughty in a professional context for example …) and, when the game has become reciprocal, you can start playing a little cat and mouse with her husband by texting him when she is with him, but in homeopathic dose so as not to arouse suspicion.

Can I send sexting to a married woman?

Of course we can, the real question would be rather should we send sexting to a married woman?». And there the answer would be the same as with any woman. You should only do this if the lady is a taker. Women hate receiving dick photos when they haven't asked for anything. Before doing anything, heat her up a little by telling her for example that you are thinking about her, that you are excited, etc … and wait and see if she wants to play with you and if she asks you to show her your excitement. Make yourself desired by asking her for give-and-take and demanding that she also send you naughty photos. Once the game is reciprocal you can really have fun and send naughty photos, by sms to by snapchat, while she is with her husband to excite the married woman to the highest point.

Each of your SMS messages must have a purpose

Trading with a married woman is complicated and slots are limited, so you should not waste your ammunition with interest-free sms. Before sending a message you must therefore ask yourself that it is the usefulness. Will it excite her? Show her that she is special to you? Show her that you are better than her husband? And above all, does he laugh at her? If you think the answer to the last question is yes then stop everything. A married woman takes big risks by flirting with another man, so she must be convinced that the game is worth the candle to continue. You are on a tightrope, be careful not to fall because of the sms too much.

How to shock a married woman?

An Internet user asks us how to flirt with a married woman older than him. He is very excited about this woman between Milf and Cougar but does not know how to go about it. Let's try to help her to allow her to conclude with this exciting married woman.

How to flirt with a married woman?

We put a lot of pressure on ourselves when we want to seduce a married woman when in fact, married or not, she remains a woman. If you want to conquer her, you have to treat her as a sexy, beautiful, seductive woman… not like a married woman because it would bring her back to her husband and put her in a closed state of mind from the start. You will therefore have to flirt with her without ever mentioning her marital status. The situation may be a little different if the woman is unhappy in her relationship. If she told you that her husband was not treating her as she would like, you will have to make her subtly understand that she could have with you what she does not have with her husband. You must reinforce in his mind the idea that his misfortune is not inevitable. Once it is ripe, you will begin a dredging process that will be doomed to success because it will be like a ripe fruit just waiting to be picked.

Don't put her in trouble

It may be tempting to think that texting him will force him to leave him but it's a bad idea. If a married woman feels that you are forcing her hand she may cut off all contact with you. In addition, if her husband comes across a text message he will force her to take a position between him and you and it will happen much too soon since you will not have finished your flirting. Respect her and respect her timing, she will appreciate your intelligence and it will make you even more desirable.

And what difference if she is older?

Well, it doesn't change much. On the one hand you will have the image of a more sexual man and will be more tempting, on the other hand you will pass for less mature and she will therefore leave her husband less easily for you. Basically, you will more easily convince a married woman to sleep without a tomorrow with you but you will have a hard time turning her away completely. We advise you to play fully on your strengths by attracting the married woman with your ability to make her enjoy and make her live what she no longer experiences in her marriage.