Russian Love – Site n°1 for Russian escorts in Paris

· Russian Love – Site n°1 for Russian escorts in Paris


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While many escort sites disappear or are criticized by their clients, Russian Love seems to have the wind in its sails. Offering ads for escorts from Russia, Amour Russe is doing well thanks to its desire to present ads without photoshop and its ultra-readable rates. Our opinion on Russian Love.

The functioning of Russian love

The philosophy of the site

Russian Love is first an escort agency before being an escort site. Unlike sites such as 6annonce, it does not just let escorts publish their ads in exchange for more or less high sums. The girls work for the agency and offer almost identical rates and services. The site takes them on tour to Paris, Rome, Milan and Athens and the available girls are never the same. In general, in Paris, Amour Russe offers between 20 and 30 girls.


The ads are the big highlight of Russian Love. Not that the girls are noticeably more beautiful than elsewhere, they are beautiful but like all escorts on their ads. What makes the success of Russian Love is that escort photos are certified 100% No Photoshop. We know that photoshop is a real scourge on escort sites and that it is common either to see poorly retouched photos or, when you are not vigilant enough, to come across a girl who has little to do with the bombasse that we had taken hours to choose. In order to reassure the client, Amour Russe puts at his disposal, on each ad, a quick video of the escort moving. Thanks to this video you will have a precise idea of the physique of the girl you are going to contact and will be sure not to be disappointed.

Example of video available on Russian Love ads Aside from this video, Russian Love ads are pretty classic. You will find the prices of the girl, what she agrees to do or not, her location … Overall they accept almost all the same things at the same prices but some specify what they refuse (no face for example will mean that it is not possible to practice a in face)

Girls on Russian Love

We have not looked at all the ads on Russian Love but we do not think we are wrong in telling you that 100% of girls are Russian. Russia being a continental country, you can still very easily find girls with a physique corresponding to your fantasies. Brunettes, blondes, redheads, Asians… Apart from the blacks you will find everything on Small downside in our opinion, the escorts of Russian Love are too often tattooed. They do what they want but sometimes it's a bit dirty.

Russian love price

The prices of Russian Love escorts are always the same, regardless of the girl.

Some little or no-known pornstars are featured in the ads. Links will take you to pages showcasing their exploits to help you decide. Often, they benefit from the A-Level label which indicates that they are more expensive than their counterparts (see prices). Apart from these girls, you will find quite a few beginners among the girls of Russian Love. Customer reviews will allow you to define whether you are dealing with a seasoned escort or a beginner.


Russian Love offers a very readable price list. Offers start at 150€ for 30 minutes, then 250€ per hour, 400€ for 2 hours… Girls are only available in incall below 2 hours and then outcall. On some ads you can see that girls offer intermediate offers for 40 minutes or outcall from 1am but they are not the majority. If you take an outcall escort (at home), you will have to pay for the return taxi in addition to the price indicated. If you wish to spice up the service, supplements will be applied for the CIF/CIM (50€ more) or for taking a photo / video (100€ more). is almost never offered. Duets or lesbian shows can also be ordered at an extra cost. If the escort you like is in A-Level, the price will be increased by 100 €. Girls usually benefit from this label when they have a pornstar background or if their order book fills up very quickly. We are on fairly high rates but in line with what is generally found on the internet.  

Russian love escort paris

Russian Love escorts spend between 1 and 3 weeks in Paris on average.

Those who know a little about the law know that what Russian Love offers is totally illegal in France, even more than what 6ad, LadyXena or other escort ad sites offer. By hiring Russian escorts directly, sending them France and directly booking appointments for them via a unique phone number and email address, Russian Love responds word for word to the definition of pimping. The structure is probably located in Russia but the telephone number is French and the girls work on French territory, submitting to French legislation. For the client no risk for the moment but the future law regulating prostitution could well penalize the client and consider escort sites at the same level as sites inciting terrorism by blocking their access directly by Internet service providers. Russian Love may therefore have to close its doors in the same way as Missive or Niamodel before it.

Alternatives to Russian Love

If you want to avoid paying to sleep, we have happily tested booty call sites on which you will very quickly get dates with liberated girls looking only for booty calls. Making an appointment will of course be less automatic than on Russian Love but you will see very quickly that it will cost you much less to go through these sites than to pay you even an escort. Sites such as www. or www. allow you to sign up for free to talk with girls looking for the same thing as you. To have real good results subscriptions costing between 15 and 30 € per month are offered and will allow you to meet between 2 and 3 girls per week according to our average. These sites are for the moment quite little known and offer the advantage of presenting a quasi parity man / woman, making the booty calls very easy to find. You are not sure if you will find beautiful Russians but beautiful French women should on the other hand offer themselves to you for free very quickly.  

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