Where to find a massage with finish at night?

· Where to find a massage with finish at night?


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Michel asks us today how and where to find a massage with finish in the middle of the night. He would love to end his evenings with a small massage with finish but all the salons he knows are closed at night.

Massages with open finish at night H24

massage finish night h24

Finding a massage with finish in the middle of the night in Paris may bring you straight into a scam.

If it is possible to find addresses offering sensual massages in the middle of the night, know that they are mostly real scams. Chinese massage parlors renowned for their massages with finish close no later than 10pm and, at night, only the peep show on Rue St Denis will welcome you. And that's not to say that they won't give you value for your money.

Massages at prohibitive rates and without a real finish

When you set foot in a massage parlor with an open finish at night you are actually setting foot in a peep show or sex shop that has expanded its activity. The few salons open in the middle of the night take advantage of their monopolistic situation to present very high rates for catastrophic services. In the most famous salon of the rue St Denis you will be presented with an entry-level offer at 100 € for a dance with finish but you will have to make your finish yourself. When you understand it, once inside, the dancer, who will most often be a cashier doing extras, will direct you to the blue card device located in the cabin and try to sell you services that can go as far as the most complete prostitution. If you get to that point never pay because, once your payment is made, you won't get more than you already have. These so-called massage parlours with open finishes at night mainly target tourists and scam them mercilessly, knowing in advance that the scammers will not dare to file a complaint.

Conclusion: There is no massage parlour with finish at night

Unfortunately you will have to finish your evenings alone if you do it at the last moment. If you anticipate a little your outings we recommend you to opt for a dating site of plan cul that will allow you to meet real free girls who, like you, are only looking to have fun and not to scam you. The 2 most famous sites are www. Xflirt.com and www.JacquieEtMichel-Contact.com. By registering for free on these sites you will be able to organize your booty calls and will not end your evenings alone at the mercy of the many scammers who populate Parisian life.