Booty Call – everything you need to know to multiply sex encounters

· Booty Call – everything you need to know to multiply sex encounters


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Multiply the booty calls and revitalize your sex life

After 2 and a half years of existence, we decided to summarize in an article everything we know about booty calls. From the search for an booty call on a dating site to the conclusion and the sex itself, we will tell you everything to accelerate your sex life, multiply naughty encounters and become the faller you have always wanted to be.

Why you need to focus on the internet to look for an booty call

First of all, we will give you the main conclusion of our 2 and a half years of experience. The internet is far superior to real life for finding girls to sleep with. That doesn't mean it's impossible to find an booty call in real life, in a club or in bars. It simply means that if you goal is to sleep with a girl you like, you will get there much faster by using dating sites dedicated to sex and libertinage than by scouring nightlife places or flirting in the street.

Looking for an booty call on the street is synonymous with failure in 99.9% of cases

Looking for an booty call on the street is synonymous with failure in 99.9% of cases

The main advantage of booty call sites is that they allow a high number of girls who are explicitly looking for one-night stands. Rather than wasting your time chatting with girls in a relationship or looking for love, you know that all your interactions are compatible with your search for sex. Maybe you won't like them and your discussion won't end up on a scorching night, but your success rate will be considerably higher than anything you've experienced in the past. The other advantage is the cost. We will talk about it later in a dedicated paragraph but you will see that by paying a reasonable subscription you will offer yourself incredible visibility with a female population that loves booty call and your sex life will be boosted to a point that you did not imagine. In the radius of disadvantages, we will probably not teach you anything if we tell you that all the sites of plan cul are equal and that they do not all allow to make real encounters. Girls who want a one-night stand can spend the evening in a bar and sleep with the first comer, so they have less need for internet than men. The main challenge for a site specializing in naughty dating is to keep a balance between the number of men and the number of women registered. Those who open their site to all often find themselves drowned under their male population and the few women who come to register flee in front of the repeated assaults of too many men. It is this observation that pushed us, at the time, to offer comparisons and opinions on the best sites of plan cul.

Do free booty call sites exist?

We would like to answer yes but actually no. We have, like everyone else, looked for a good booty call site that is both free and effective but it is clear that it does not exist. And thinking a little bit it's understandable. Why would a good site that costs its owner money offer its services to men looking for girls to sleep with? Online dating is a market and, as in any market, it is the demand that sets the prices. We will therefore weigh our negative answer by saying that if men will not be able to find a free booty call, it will be possible for women since naughty sites often offer them registration. For gay people it is also possible to find a free booty call on the internet because the gay population is generally more libertine but the best sites always offer subscriptions or paid features.

How much to pay for a good booty call site?

No need to break the bank to use a good dating site but finding an booty call for free is mission impossible

No need to break the bank to use a good dating site but finding an booty call for free is mission impossible

The fact that it is necessary to pay does not imply that you spend crazy sums. There are good sites to find booty calls with subscriptions between 10 € and 30 €. Beyond that it starts to be expensive. To lower the cost of your meetings, we recommend that you validate the effectiveness of a dating site with a short-term subscription and, when you are happy, switch to a long-term subscription that will lower the monthly cost of your subscription. Instead of paying 30€ for 1 month you can for example pay 150€ for 1 year and reduce the monthly price to 12,5€. Some sites will offer you free trial periods. This is particularly the case on, www. or, the 3 main naughty dating sites on the market. These trial periods are made for you to make an opinion about the service and the girls registered from your area. For example, a site may be effective in the Paris region and less so in rural areas. So do not hesitate to try several to see which one works best in your area and possibly subscribe to it.

What are the best apps plan cul for smartphone?

If you want to use your phone to find your booty calls, a few apps are known to work particularly well. Obviously that of Adopt a guy is a reference even if some friends have told us about a small slowdown in the performance of the app. 3nder is on the other hand much less effective and we will not necessarily advise you, people looking for a plan to 3 are not yet very connected. Apple's reluctance means that purely sexual applications have no place on the app store. If you have an Iphone we will advise you to go through responsive cul plan sites, ie sites whose display will be optimized for your phone. This is the case of the 3 sites mentioned in the paragraph above. On Android you will have access to more applications. Xflirt and Edenflirt exist for example as an android app. To choose your naughty dating application, keep in mind that an application can only be the extension of a real dating site. Applications present only on the phone will never succeed in constituting a sufficient community to make it possible to make real encounters, whether serious or purely sexual.

Infidels, trans, cougars, beurettes… niche booty calls

If you want to make niche sexual encounters, some sites have specialized in this kind of dating. In general we are not a fan of this type of sites because they reduce the size of their community but it is clear that some have managed to make a place for themselves in the sun. The area in which the niche site is most justified is undoubtedly that of unfaithful booty calls. The constraints of confidentiality and availability of married men and women make them quite incompatible with other single profiles. If you are looking to cheat on your wife or husband with a one-night or regular booty call, we will advise you our favorite of the moment, A modern and busy site, it offers all the privacy and features that infidels are looking for. In the field of cougars, booty call sites also work quite well because experienced women really know what they want and dating is very fast. If you are a man under 25 years of age or at least under 30 years of age, it may be interesting for you to register on a site like You will quickly get flirted with by very sexually liberated women and the booty calls with these women are usually very very hot. The only constraint is to be excited by mature women. There are many cougars very well preserved but we must keep in mind that their physique is not those of young teens that can sometimes be seen on the internet. If you have never tried we advise you to hit a cougar at least once, you should be quickly conquered. For ethnic encounters, black and beurettes in particular, the offer is much more limited because the population is much more limited. Black girls or beurettes who are looking for booty calls are rather used to registering on generalist sites to be put in touch with more guys. However, there are 2 sites a little old but still effective. They belong to the same property and all 2 work with a messenger software or a very functional mobile version. On www. or www. you find quite a few profiles of typical girls who are looking for guys to sleep with. The Xflirt site has chosen to take advantage of its huge user base by offering searches by type of girls. By registering on Xflirt you will be able to filter the profiles of beurettes ( blacks profiles ( and even Asian profiles ( Last niche, even if we are not particularly satisfied with the term, the booty calls related to LGBT sexuality. If lesbian dating is still not treated very well on the internet, there are many gay booty call sites and a very good site for transsexual lovers. For gays we will recommend the sites www. and Mykodial is purely dedicated to sex between men while ForceGay has both a serious dating section and a one-night stand section. It's up to you to see if you are open to both types of dating or if you are only looking for sex without feelings. For lovers of transsexuals, the choice is more limited since the only real good site that we could find for a free booty call with a trans is Transsexuals are often forced to go through prostitution for their sex life and this site represents for them a real solution to find sincere and free partners.

How to flirt when looking for an booty call on the internet?

If you go through a site that specializes in booty calls, you won't have to pretend to want a long-term relationship. So you will have an interest in getting straight to the point with the girls you will be interested in and with whom you will want to sleep. Getting straight to the point doesn't mean being incorrect. While being gallant, you will have to quickly sexualize the conversation and raise the temperature. Do not hesitate to quickly switch to webcam and offer many photos of you. The basis for provoking a positive decision in a woman who is looking for a partner is to show yourself to your advantage physically. On the other hand, sending a photo of your erect sex before you have been specifically invited to it is a very bad idea. Even the naughtiest girls hate it and don't feel any excitement at the sight of a stranger's sex. During your discussion, never lose sight of your end goal of meeting and sleeping with the girl you're talking to. Sexual encounters can be nerve-wracking, so don't hesitate to let them choose the place and time that will reassure them. And be foresighted, take condoms with you, you do not have the excuse of not knowing what the one who gave you an appointment really wants.

What are the best sites to find an booty call?

We devoted a long article to the subject, so we will not dwell too long on the reasons that push us to recommend the following sites. Just know that the criteria that have been studied and that push you to recommend them among the best naughty and libertine dating sites is that: They offer a free registration and a full trial of the main features Their paid versions to multiply dating are at reasonable rates They are available both on computer and smartphone For your search for a sexual partner, we recommend, which has already been mentioned a little earlier,, which works either on phone or with software to install and whose features are really at the top, and, a site less hard than the others but where the registered girls are really naughty.

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Conclusion: Everything you need to know about the booty call

  • To find an booty call, the internet will always be more effective than face-to-face flirting
  • Good dating sites, whether they specialize in serious or sexual dating, are necessarily paying. That said, it is possible to subscribe without breaking the bank.
  • For specialized dating, sites exist and can put you in touch with trans, beurettes, blacks, cougars who are looking for booty calls …
  • On a naughty site, go free in your flirtation but remain courteous. Just because a girl is looking for a guy to sleep with only she will agree to be treated like a prostitute. It is elementary but we prefer to remember it.