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When looking for an booty call for the same evening, it is in your interest not to waste time on inefficient sites. Generalist or too romantic dating sites are for example real bad ideas because you will waste time trying to convince girls in serious search to sleep with you without expecting anything else.

Find an booty call for tonight using the internet

There are many sites that are responsible for connecting men and women who are looking for sex without a future. In general, the members registered on these sites go there when they have a desire or an impulse and not all are active at a time T but they constitute a reliable database in which to draw. Obviously, all these hot dating sites are not equal. For some nuggets such as www. or www. there are many sites that can be likened to scams or wasted time. When you have found a site that works well in your area we advise you to keep an active profile and go there from time to time. By keeping your profile you will not waste time recreating an account and you will benefit from your anteriority on the site. Long-term subscription formulas are generally very advantageous, you can get away with around 15 € per month which is not very expensive if it allows you to find a one-night booty call when you feel like it. Conversely, if you register on one site and after a month you have not yet met anyone, do not waste time and try another. It is really possible to find an booty call on the internet of the day for the evening even when you know the right addresses and it is often more effective than face-to-face search.

Look for girls in bars/clubs

If you are used to flirting in bars or clubs, you know that it can work but that it offers no guarantee and that it is ultimately quite expensive. Between drinks, entrances, possible taxis… and a success rate of around 25% at best (1 booty call found every 4 evenings), it is both costly in time and money to flirt face-to-face. With the appearance of applications like Tinder and sites specializing in matching one-night sex plans, this one has been a little cheesy to such an extent that night establishment owners are starting to worry about it. This does not mean that it has become ineffective but that you will have to choose your places and your release dates. Hoping to find an booty call in a bar outside of Thursday/Friday/Saturday is wishful thinking. You risk going out at the beginning of the week may therefore lead you to end your evening in front of a porn in a climate of great frustration.


If you want to find a girl to sleep with for the same evening, you need to make sure to respect a certain timing.The later you act in the day, the lower your chances of ending the evening in bed with a girl. If one morning you wake up with the firm intention of sleeping with a girl the same evening, start the machinery from 10am. Log in to the dating site or sites you are used to frequenting and send signs of interest to a dozen girls near you. Don't spam too many girls at once as you may have to reject some of them and it would be a waste. Do not be too selective either because, even if girls are very open, they can have occasional drops in desire, intimate constraints, unavailability… So find the right balance to guarantee you an booty call tonight without compromising your future plans. If your morning contacts did not answer you in the early afternoon, do not hesitate to relaunch new leads. If a girl wants to find a guy to sleep with or if she is hot for such a plan she will answer you quickly, so you can take a lack of response for a refusal.

The best sites for an booty call the same evening

We talked about it above, the sites www. and www. are arguably the most effective and responsive. Working fully on smartphone, they will allow you to conduct your research throughout your day whether you are on a computer or in a mobile situation. A site like www. will be able to work but mainly by its mobile version because the site works on PC with messenger software to install. Beyond these 3 sites you can find others effective on certain themes (cougars, infidels …) but like all niche sites they will necessarily be a little less frequented and therefore less effective for an booty call in a short time. In any case, do not hesitate to test different sites to check the one that works best in your city / region because, depending on the communication policies of the sites, they can be more or less popular in the different corners of the France.