The Pornostar experience or PSE

· The Pornostar experience or PSE


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While talking about porn actresses and escort girls, we discovered the porn star experience also called PSE. The fantasy of Porn Star Experience is one of the drivers of escort girl activity and one of the main keywords when it comes to finding an booty call with a porn star.

What is porn star experience?

porn star experience nomi

Above is the example of porn actress Nomi's site selling porn star experience

Porn star experience is the fantasy of sleeping with a porn actress. Renowned for knowing everything about sex, porn stars are dreaming and many men would like to enjoy the sexual experience of porn actresses either to learn or simply to live a great thrill. To live this porn star experience men are willing to pay what creates a business for escort girls. This is the reason that drives many escort girl / call girl / prostitutes to shoot in a few porn movies to increase their rates and sell themselves to men dreaming of a porn star experience.

In France, all trade in sexual favours is prohibited. So you won't be able to sleep with a porn actress in exchange for money by staying in France. French porn actresses still practice the profession of escort girl by being ambiguous as to the nature of the services provided or if the place in which they exercise their talents. As the use of prostitution is illegal and penalized in France, we strongly recommend that you avoid renting this type of service. In other countries such as the Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland… on the other hand, you can live a porn star experience legally.  

Girlfriend vs Porn Star Experience

girlfriend experience porn star experience

Poster of the movie Girlfriend Experience by Steven Soderbergh with the sublime Sasha Grey

In France, you can live a girlfriend experience if not live a porn star experience. Very well described by Steven Soderbergh, the girlfriend experience is the fact of renting the services of a girl, escort girl, porn star … , so that she plays your girlfriend with your family, your friends, your relationships… In a girlfriend experience the accompaniment will stop at the social outings, the girl will not sleep with you. It is therefore escort girl in its pure essence since it is really about accompaniment and not disguised prostitution. It will be expensive and you will not live the porn star experience but the girlfriend experience can still be suitable for people suffering socially from loneliness.

How to live the pornostar experience legally?

If we strongly advise you not to live your porn star experience through escorting we do not tell you to give up your dream. If you want to sleep with a porn star you can quite simply get there since porn actresses are released and often multiply partners in their private lives. To live your porn star experience you will have to seduce an actress or at least convince her that she can have fun with you. To seduce a porn star you will have to go get it where it is. For example, you can frequent the erotic salons but you risk passing for a heavy by flirting with your favorite actresses in the middle of dozens of other guys who died of hunger. To live your porn star experience we recommend you rather to go and get porn actresses where they live their private sexual experiences ie on the internet. 2 dating sites are known to be porn star landmarks looking for private booty call. We therefore recommend that you register on and on www. which are the 2 best sites to find a porn star with whom to live the porn star experience. In a different style or loves the site www. that features X stars for private webcam shows. By taking private shows with porn stars you will be in an ideal position to flirt with them and negotiate private dates in real life. By frequenting these 3 sites you will be almost sure to succeed in meeting a porn actress and thus live your fantasy of porn star experience in the most complete legality.

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