How to bring a prostitute to your home?

· How to bring a prostitute to your home?


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A reader tells us that he wants to bring a prostitute to his home because he does not like the promiscuity of the rooms available to most girls and because he does not like to run into the streets to find a whore. He asks us if it is possible to bring a prostitute to her home and, if so, how to do it.

Ads and rates for prostitutes at home

This escort only travels at home for 1 hour minimum and takes 50 € more than for the same duration in call

This escort only travels at home for 1 hour minimum and takes 50 € more than for the same duration in call

Let's say it right away, many prostitutes move to the client's home but they are called escort and it is by looking for this term that you can find it. But this performance has a hit. Called Out Call on escort ad sites, the trip to the customer's home will be charged at full price. Prostitutes who leave their usual apartment take a risk and find themselves in a stressful environment. They don't know if you live alone, if someone isn't going to show up during your frolics, if you're not going to be several guys, or if your wife is going to fall on him… They therefore protect themselves by imposing a dissuasive tariff that will remunerate the risk they take. On the image opposite you can see an escort present on 6announcement who asks minimum 2 hours for a trip and charges 700 € his service at the customer's home against only 500 € in his apartment. Bringing a prostitute to your home can also have consequences on your neighborhood. If your babysitter or your neighbors see pretty Russians in affriolant outfits you risk remarks and, if you are a tenant, your landlord may want to evict you so as not to have a problem with the condominium. It is therefore not advisable to turn your home into a hotel, which is why escorts with an apartment of your own are so popular and can charge relatively high rates. If you really want to sleep with girls without having to walk dirty streets or shabby apartments, we advise you to look for and find a regular booty call instead. On sites such as www. you can meet for free girls who are only looking for ass, who will not take you a SMIC only to fuck in your bed and with whom you can sleep as many times as he and who will please them. It will save you from financial worries and you will not pass for a pervert with your neighborhood.