Prostitutes and Escort in Caen – Prices and Neighborhoods



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Caen, although having a reputation as a quiet town, is a rather lively city from a prostitution point of view. Strongly jerseyed by Nigerian prostitution in particular, the city of Caen has many street whores (walkers) as well as a strong presence of escort girls on the ad sites that serve the city.

What to know before soliciting a prostitute in Caen

Since the Vallaud Belkacem law, it is illegal to solicit a prostitute or an escort for sexual services. If a policeman or gendarme catches you negotiating with a prostitute, he can make you spend a dirty quarter of an hour and issue you a ticket. If in addition we are in a period of health control, the crimes can be cumulative. Finally, as we talk about below, part of prostitution is held by illegal immigration networks that exploit the misery of girls who dream of reaching Europe and, by sleeping with their prostitutes, you will enrich them only and the girls will receive almost nothing. We are not necessarily in a very virtuous system and we will encourage you to think carefully before sleeping with a whore, in Caen as everywhere else.

In which streets are you found whores in Caen?

If you are looking for street prostitutes in the capital of Calvados, it is mainly on the peninsula of Caen that you will have to go. Course Caffarelli, you will find many girls in the streets, either in the open air or in easily recognizable vans. Cours Montalivet or on the quays, there are also many Nigerian prostitutes waiting for customers who most often arrive in their cars before taking them a little further. And a few hundred meters away, the Calix viaduct, still on the peninsula, is another stronghold of Caen prostitution.

Prostitution networks in Caen

These girls are most often Nigerian and run by the local mafia called Black haxe. This network is known to be one of the most violent prostitution networks and the lives of the girls who work for them are far from beautiful and do not even offer them any positive prospects. We will therefore really not be able to encourage you to make them work, other alternatives existing, including independent escorts.

Find independent escorts on the internet in Caen

The best way to find an escort who is not operated by a network when you live in Caen is necessarily the internet. Many sites exist (6annonce, Sexemodel, Wannonce…) on which you will find cards with photos, videos, services and prices of prostitutes. Let's be clear, Caen is not the best city provided by escort but some girls, followers of tours, occasionally spend in Normandy. You have in off-peak periods a dozen escorts available in Caen and in high periods, especially in summer, you can find about thirty. These girls are self-employed, manage their advertising like businesswomen and the relationship will be much healthier. It will also be more expensive and just as illegal as a fuck with a street prostitute but you will still have understood our preference.