Prostitutes in Lille – Neighborhoods and Streets where to find whores in Lille



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A few years ago, Lille made the headlines for a case of morals related to the prostitutes of the city, the Carlton affair. However, Lille was not the first city you think of when you want to go to whores. But since 2021, there has been more and more talk about Lille prostitution, including in creepy cases of pimping related to underage girls. Let's take stock together about prostitutes in Lille, the streets and neighborhoods where to find them and the sites on which to find escorts in Lille.

Is it legal to use a prostitute in Lille?

Although it seems that Dominique Strauss Khan chose to ignore it at the time of his visits to the Carlton in Lille, French law penalizing the use of prostitution applies in Lille as everywhere else in the territory. It is therefore totally illegal to solicit a whore for sexual services and you may be arrested if you are caught red-handed. We will see later that this does not prevent some customers from frequenting the streets of prostitutes in the capital of Flanders but if you are ever tempted by adventure, know that it is not without risk. And if you have a partner or a family this interpellation could be a task. There are other legal ways to find discreet booty calls, we can talk about it at the end of the article if you are interested.

In which streets to find prostitutes in Lille?

Although legal prostitutes work underground, they are quite easily found when you know the whore streets of the city. And if we can imagine that prostitutes should seek discretion, they are actually present even in Old Lille. Avenue du Peuple Belge, the customers' cars follow each other and see the whores of the street approach automatically before getting into the vehicles to make their passes a few hectometers further. A rather paradoxical situation when we know that the clients arrested by the police are tried on this same avenue, a few meters from the prostitutes they were going to see a few days earlier. Slightly outside old Lille, pré Catelan is The new prosituated district of Lille. Previously at the level of the bridge over the Boulevard Schuman, the whores have recently settled at the roundabout of the pre catelan, next to the Madeleine. The passes take place in cars, sometimes in broad daylight, leading to a strong protest movement of local residents.

Beyond the street whores, escort sites in Lille

But the golden age of street prostitution in Lille is behind us. With the law penalizing the client, prostitutes have seen insecurity increase and clients become scarcer. They therefore turned quite logically to escort sites (Sexemodel, 6ads…) or classified ad sites tolerant of sex workers (Vivastreet). So be careful, their work is no less illegal when they look for the customer on the internet, it is probably no less dangerous, but the rates are higher and the customers more numerous. For all those who are lucky enough not to be made up by a network, these ads mean independence and better working conditions and it is therefore on these sites that you will find them. Be vigilant, false ads and doctored photos are legion.

For legal cul plans, sites exist

If you don't want to break the law and even potentially want to pay less, libertine booty call sites and social networks exist and work well for anyone who just wants to look for one-night sex partners or regular booty calls. Among the best sites we will necessarily mention Jacquie and Michel Contact, the libertine social network created by the amateur porn giant. To find other booty call sites that work we invite you to consult our article dedicated to the subject.