Prostitutes in Strasbourg: The neighborhoods where to find whores in Strasbourg

· Prostitutes in Strasbourg: The neighborhoods where to find whores in Strasbourg


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Strasbourg is the 8th largest city in France in terms of population and the capital of the great east. European capital, gateway to Germany, it has a younger population than other cities and sexual activity is therefore very dynamic, especially in terms of paid sex and prostitution. If you are looking for prostitutes in Strasbourg, here are some tips we can give you to find some.

Using a street whore in Strasbourg is illegal

Resorting to a street whore in Strasbourg is illegal

If you really want to fuck, looking for a prostitute is a normal reflex. However, we must remind you that the use of the services of prostitutes or escorts is penalized by the Vallaud Belkacem law. If police officers catch you paying a whore in exchange for sexual services they can make you have a bad time at the station. If you are single the impact will be mostly financial but if you have a small family your getaway can put a nice mess in your life if the cops get involved. We do not place ourselves on the ground of morality, once we have done our duty of information we let you decide like a great!

Neighborhoods where to find whores in Strasbourg

Despite the very strong competition from German brothels and prostitutes, there is still a strong presence of street whores in Strasbourg. On the quays of Strasbourg you will find them everywhere. The 3 ports (Port du Rhin Sud, Port du Rhin Nord and Port aux Pétroles) are strongholds of street prostitution. Heading towards the center of the city you will find some from the Citadel to the vicinity of the Station. To the north the Avenue des Vosges (with prostitutes rather young and novice), to the south the rue du Doubs (the lair of experienced or even elderly prostitutes) are also active places during the night. If it is during the day that you want to find a whore, you will have to go to the industrial areas of the Plaine des Bouchers and the Heyritz park where whores work night and day, to the great damn of the residents who multiply the demonstrations to stop the nuisances.

Competition from German prostitutes

Since 2002, prostitution has been legal in Germany and libertine clubs / brothels are established on the street. The FKK offers day services with meals included, swimming pool, cinema … and therefore make a huge competition to French prostitutes who have to work in promiscuity and illegality, so much so that it is considered that 80% of the customers of whores at the Franco-German border are French. In Saarbrücken, the FKK see hundreds of French people flood in every weekend. Entrance tickets are around 70 € and for this price you have a locker, access to the bar and small catering and all the facilities. On the other hand, you will have to pay in addition to the services of prostitutes who work inside the FKK as self-employed, so the all inclusive has its limits. But in an FKK everything is legal, you pay by credit card, the employees are declared and no one will come to call you at the exit.

How much does a whore in Strasbourg cost?

The rates of Strasbourg prostitutes are in the average of what is found in the big provincial cities. It will cost you on average 30 € for a, 50 € for love and between 80 € and 100 € for a longer and more complete service. In most neighborhoods whores prefer to stay put and fuck in your car and few agree to go to the hotel (either for safety reasons or not to waste time between 2 customers). Be aware that this money does not go into their pockets, most of the street prostitutes of Strasbourg being hostages of networks of pimps. We break the mood a little bit but it's not bad to have that in mind before going to see a whore.

What about girl escorts in Strasbourg?

There are many ads of Strasbourg escorts

There are many ads for Strasbourg escorts

If you want to avoid street whores, the most famous escort sites are referenced in Strasbourg and you will find many ads for incall or outcall. On Sexemodel for example we have found, at the time of writing, 166 escort ads in Strasbourg. Be careful though, at the price level we are not at all on the same levels as with street whores since the 30min are generally charged around 100 / 120 €. A different experience, more luxurious, and more away from police eyes as well.

Plan cul sites in Strasbourg

If you absolutely want to fuck, booty call sites are a good legal alternative to prostitutes. By registering on a libertine social network like, you will be able to create your profile and exchange with girls who are looking for one-night stands. This is less guaranteed than with a whore since you do not pay them for a service but, on average, we observe first booty calls within 1 to 2 weeks maximum. An effective, cost-effective and legal solution that we recommend you try at least once before heading to prostitutes. We're willing to bet you won't regret it!