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Good news for lovers of Cam2Cam, the reference of the sector, Eurolive, launches a low-cost cam2cam, Purlive. Based on the same model as Eurolive, Purlive offers cheaper webcam shows, starting at €1.60 per minute.

PurLive: A cheaper Eurolive

Developed by Eurolive, Purlive is based on the same technical platform as its big sister. Featuring beginner camgirls, PurLive allows Internet users to access free webcam shows and, if they want, pay for private shows with the models. Purlive's private shows are very accessible since they start at €1.60 per minute, a rate that is not found on any other cam site.

What are the differences between Eurolive and Purlive?

If Eurolive remains the French reference in terms of cam2cam and sexy camgirl shows, Purlive still has a nice place to take. Operating on a model that works and with a perfectly oiled technical architecture, Purlive manages to lower prices by betting on beginner camgirls. If we were to take an image taken from football, we could say that Purlive is a kind of training center for Eurolive, purlive's camgirl models learning their art on Purlive before rising in rank by arriving on Eurolive once their proof is made. Registering on Purlive is therefore an opportunity to discover nuggets before they explode and their prices explode in turn.

Our opinion on Purlive

Purlive is a very promising site with a model that was missing until now. By allowing Internet users to test the private cam2cam at a lower cost Purlive will allow many people to discover this model before, perhaps, to go and test cam2cam sites a little more high-end. At Purlive no pornstars, no star camgirls but very sexy girls who want them. So go take a look, Purlive's free webcam chats will allow you to quickly make an opinion. NB: Purlive being a recent site, it is still considered advertising by plugins such as adblock, before you go to Purlive remember to set your browser to enjoy all the features of the site. [ws_table id=7]