The Puticlub, center of sex tourism in Spain

· The Puticlub, center of sex tourism in Spain


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For lovers of prostitutes, spanish puticlubs are a must. Legal in Spain, these brothels offer complete services ranging from night club to prostitution through strip club. But the fact that they are legal does not mean that you will be safe from scams by frequenting the puticlub.

How puticlubs work

The term puticlub defines a brothel or brothel located in Spain. The services offered by these establishments may vary, but it is usually a club in which girls walk around in small outfits, drink drinks and occasionally dance on the catwalks provided for this purpose. Engaging in discussions with passing customers, they are generally very cordial and will not necessarily push you to buy as other prostitutes can. If you know the penthouse club in Paris you can get an idea of the first parts of evenings in puticlub. Before selling sexual performances, girls offer private dances and often take advantage of having moved you by dancing to offer you to go further. Admission is subject to a fee and usually includes one or two drinks. Then you can watch the hostesses wander around and dance in public without paying but you will have to go to the checkout to have a private dance or go up to the room with them. The rooms are installed either in the club itself or in the surrounding buildings and are generally very comfortable. Clubs have showers to take before and after and provide condoms.

The strengths of the puticlub

Examples of puticlub rates with the Apricots located in Barcelona.

Examples of puticlub rates with the Apricots located in Barcelona.

The big highlight of the puticlub is to allow you to spend a nice evening that you only want dances or that you are looking for escorts. The girls are generally really beautiful (especially in Barcelona) and the prices are very reasonable compared to those we know in France. You can easily have an hour with a top model for 100 € when, in Paris, you will have to count at least double. The service being legal, you can go quite serenely to a puticlub. You can pay by card and will usually get what you pay for. The rates are generally the same for all girls but a little latitude is offered to girls to set their own rates when their standing justifies it.

Beware of Scams in Puticlub

Even if the service is legal so quite safe, you must be vigilant when you go to a puticlub. 2 years ago clubs in Barcelona were closed because they were suspected of drugging their customers to weaken their resistance and push them to consume. It's a sex industry and the night world, so the people who gravitate around it aren't always very sharp. The other point to watch, in puticlub as with all the prostitutes you will frequent, is to define the service before paying. As you pay in advance you are necessarily in a weak situation, so try to protect yourself from possible unpleasant surprises by framing the service as much as possible. If you ever have a dispute with a girl the club will systematically defend the girl, so do not count on a refund a posteriori.

Where to find the best puticlub?

puticlub spain

The best puticlub in Spain are to be found on the side of Barcelona

From our experience, the most qualitative puticlubs are to be found in Barcelona. Rich and very touristic city, it naturally attracts the best in terms of escort and prostitution. There are girls from all over the world with a dominant South American and Eastern Europe. We obviously did not test everything but if we had to recommend some of them we would quote:
  • Life in pink, which has jacuzzi, hydromassage showers and beautiful girls at rates around 120 € / hour.
  • The Oxyzen, puticlub and erotic massage parlor that offers sexual massages with finish from 70 € per half hour. It is located in the city center near the Urgell metro.
  • L'Apricots is also an excellent address. This puticlub offers high-end services at prices starting at 100 € per hour, an excellent value for money.
  • La Perla Negra is a high-end puticlub run by French people. Highly publicized when it comes to illustrating Barcelona brothels, it is one of the best known and therefore the most frequented puticlubs.
  • The Felina is also a very good address. Nothing exceptional, the rooms are simple and elegant, the girls sexy and the rates of 120 € per hour reasonable.

Outside of Barcelona, there are puticlubs in border towns such as La Jonquera. This is more about abbatage than luxury prostitution. The customers are young people coming mainly from France and the positioning is therefore much less high-end.

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Always close to the France, Figueras and the Basque cities of San Sebastian and Bilbao offer quality puticlubs. The Donna Urraca in Bilbao, the Yokin Noche in San Sebastian and the Moonnight in Figueras are probably the best on both sides of the French-Spanish border.

All the other major cities in Spain have their share of puticlub. Madrid, the capital, has many small puticlubs in the city center and some larger infrastructures on the outskirts. Downtown establishments, whether hostess bars or massage parlors, are most often traps galore. For escorts in Madrid the easiest way is often to call known and recognized agencies.

In Valencia, the puticlub are remnants of the 90s, when the city was a place of celebration seducing all Spanish youth. The city is losing momentum today and its puticlubs are declining with it.

And in France?

Of course, in France establishments similar to puticlubs would be illegal and punished for pimping. If you want to sleep quickly and without much effort the sites of plan cul are probably the best solution, prostitutes and clients of prostitutes are not in smell of holiness from a judicial and legal point of view.

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