Where to meet trans people in Paris?


In Paris, as in the whole of France, trans people are marginalized. Forced to live in seclusion or hidden, they do not have a neighborhood of their own or a real freedom to live their sexuality fully. Meeting a trans person in Paris is therefore an obstacle course and must often go through the use of prostitution. Fortunately, the Internet offers interesting possibilities for those who wish to meet trans people in Paris or Île de France.

The difficulty of being transsexual in Paris

If you live in the Paris area, we're pretty sure you've never heard any of your friends tell you that they fantasize about trans people or that they're thinking about changing their gender himself. However, when we consult porn sites or escort sites, real revealers of anonymous fantasies, we realize that there are almost as many trans escorts as escort girls in the Paris region. We will see in the next paragraph that there are sociological reasons for this but it means that between what people think deep down about transsexualism and what comes out in public discussions there is a chasm. And if it is difficult to love trans people in Paris, it is, a fortiori, even more difficult to live your transsexuality there. No one has ever met a shemale assumed in his professional life, in the office, in the shop, at the counter of a town hall … The existence of this very real population seems to be denied by all, the only activity in which they are welcome is prostitution, unfortunately for them and for those who would like to live with them.

Prostitution: a must to meet trans people in Paris

For those who fantasize about the 3rd sex, the Bois de Boulogne is the place of reference in Paris. A South American population sells its charms for cheap and lives in total precariousness. With the rise of escort sites, however, some transsexuals have managed to get out of this situation in part. Work level no serious alternatives to prostitution but, by posting their ads on trans escort sites, they can stay warm and safe at home and sell their services more expensive. If this is progress for those who sold their bodies on the street, it is not satisfactory for those who are looking to find someone serious with whom to start a couple or who just want to meet without exchanging money. For those who wish to meet trans people, in Paris as elsewhere, the ultimate solution is to look in dating sites.

The best sites to meet a transsexual in Paris

On the internet too, trans and shemales are a little discriminated against. The main dating sites are very binary and often do not offer as a choice of male or female sex. It is therefore impossible for a transgender person to register on a classic dating site. To make up for this lack, some sites, essentially libertine ones reserved for research of plan cul, allow to define his gender as trans. If you want to meet a trans person, we recommend the website www.TransMessenger.com. Considered one or even THE largest dating site dedicated to transsexuals and those who love them, this site will allow you to easily and quickly meet shemales who live not or little far from home. Working with a messenger software to install on your computer or via a mobile and tablet interface, it essentially offers booty calls but it is still possible to make serious encounters. It's up to you to exchange with the registrants on the site about your expectations and theirs. The atmosphere is very positive, with the community feeling safe and away from the hostile judgments they often find in everyday life. Whether you are in Paris or elsewhere, in France or in a French-speaking country, you should be able to meet the person of your dreams very quickly.

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