Why reopening brothels would be a good thing

· Why reopening brothels would be a good thing


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For more than a year we have been closely interested in the rise of online prostitution via escort girl sites such as 6annonce, Niamodel or Lovesita. And by extension we are necessarily interested in the clients of prostitutes, their expectations, their psychology … and to the prostitutes themselves, to what led them to prostitute themselves, to the risks they take, to the reasons that lead them to stop or not to stop prostituting themselves. And comparing the French situation to that of its neighbors, we cannot help but note that prostitution is treated much more serenely in Germany, Belgium or Spain than in France where a law is about to penalize customers. Here are some arguments that lead us to think that the reopening of brothels would be a much better solution than the lost fight against prostitutes and their clients.

Anything but a debate for or against prostitution

reopening brothel debate arguments

Since April 13, 1946, brothels have been banned in France and their place is now in historical series.

Before we even make the case for the reopening of brothels, let's set the record straight: the debate on the reopening of brothels has nothing to do with a debate for or against prostitution. Moreover, it is impossible, or rather useless, to have a serene debate on prostitution. Obviously no one would want their daughter or son to prostitute himself but few people would want their child to become a garbage collector or a zep teacher. The emotional is one thing, the rational is another. Prostitution will never cease to exist for the simple reason that it is a lucrative activity, which does not require any diploma and which addresses a market that will never experience any crisis. Wanting to fight against it with a law is therefore totally useless and serves, in the short term, only those who wish to highlight themselves with the laws in question. The real debate to have and the real problem to be addressed is therefore not that of prostitution but that of the living conditions of prostitutes. Anyone who has ever driven past the marshals or in the woods of Paris in the middle of the night as well as in broad daylight can only wish sex workers better working conditions, whether it is comfort or, above all, safety. The reopening of brothels is therefore a subject that should not be taboo and should not be treated emotionally.

Why ban brothels when other sex workers are already established?

In Paris, some elected officials are beginning to pester against Chinese massage parlors offering sexual services. These salons proliferate in Paris without moving the political class more than that. The services offered in these salons are limited most of the time to manual finishes or prostate massages but it is nevertheless prostitution.

reopening brothel france jonquera

In Spain, in La Jonquera for example, brothels are established on the street and are even tourist attractions.

Rue St Denis or in Pigalle peep show with cabins also offer services that can go up to the most complete prostitution. But these services being offered in an unofficial way they are often fake and tourists are then defrauded without any recourse, shame forbidding them to file a complaint. On the internet, escort ad sites with their phone and addresses are flourishing and experiencing extraordinary success. Some are closed by the courts but most have been online for years without justice causing them any harm. It's a special market, but porn is an environment that pays men and women in exchange for sex. The major difference with prostitution is that the 2 (or 3, or 4…) people who have sex are paid, Finally, and all things considered, the strip clubs of the Champs Elysées offer dances whose sexual character is obvious. No penetration but how to qualify the fact that a girl puts her breasts on your face or massages your crotch with her hips? If we are to put the debate on the ground of morality not sure that these establishments can find favor in the eyes of the censors.

The problem of pimps

reopening brothel fkk

Many French people make the round trip with Germany only to attend the FKK.

The real problem of prostitution is that of the exploitation of the body of a woman or a man by a third party. Since prostitution is now clandestine, macs have full latitude, on the ground, to exploit the work of prostitutes in exchange for protection. In France it is this role of pimp that is prohibited, not that of prostitute and not yet that of client. This legislation goes further than simple prostitution since it is for example forbidden for porn actresses and actors to have agents, the role of agent of porn actor being legally comparable to that of pimp. Legislation against pimping is therefore legitimized by the wild west that is the world of prostitution. If this environment were more organized and if girls were free to leave one employer for another as all assets do, it would no longer be necessary to protect them legally. Even if the job is different, that's what strippers do. A dancer dissatisfied with her working conditions at Pink Paradise will be able to go dancing at the Penthouse Club. If the reopening of brothels were recorded, this is what could happen in the world of prostitution. Declared, officially paid, prostitutes would no longer have to fear violence or reprisals from their employer.

Providing a safe and comfortable work environment for prostitutes

If sleeping with strangers in the woods and on the ground does not seem to disturb unduly customers a little starving, we can only complain about the men, women and trans forced by the legislation to practice their activity as prostitutes in squalid conditions. Once again, we are not going to debate the reasons that push them into prostitution. They might not do it, but if they do, surely they have no other solution. In terms of safety, do we need to explain the dangers to a naked person in the middle of the night in a place with little traffic? Working in brothels would allow prostitutes to be safe from the weather and external threats. Above all, beyond physical threats, they would be secured against the risks of STDs. In European brothels condoms are provided to clients and are, most of the time, mandatory. And in terms of comfort, the establishments offer rooms with more or less advanced comfort but which have the merit of framing the paid services of prostitutes. Obviously, it is necessary to secure these brothels by strictly regulating access to the profession of tenant. In the Netherlands, for example, you need to have a clean locker to open a brothel. Care must also be taken to ensure that prostitutes do not have to abuse the drink while waiting or talking to customers. Simple rules that would not be very difficult to put in place.

Brothels would make it possible to legally frame a reality

While some sex workers say they pay contributions and taxes, this is obviously not the case for most of them. Paid in cash and little helped by the state on a daily basis, they have absolutely no good reason to pay taxes, URSSAF and pension contributions. Allowing prostitutes to work in brothels and be legally paid would allow them to obtain proper social protection and require them to declare the income they (or they) receive. At a time when fighting against undeclared work is a priority of the tax services, this point, without being a major argument, should push the most pragmatic to reflect on their position on the subject.

The limits of brothels

Be careful, far be it from us to think that brothels are a perfect system. Even if prostitution is regulated, it will most often remain a default choice and a social misery. Prostitutes themselves may be reluctant to work in brothels. While some are now independent they should start working for a boss, at rates set by him, and those who do not have pimps today would live badly to have to give back part of their earnings to an intermediary. Escort sites as they exist today are certainly run by digital pimps but have the advantage of offering prostitutes / escorts visibility to customers and freedom in their schedules and workplaces. Some sex workers' unions are calling for the abolition of laws against pimping, not least because those who could help them find clients, even if they are well-intentioned, are now illegal. The debate on the reopening of brothels is therefore not simple because, beyond brothels themselves, it is the entire ecosystem of prostitution that will have to be rethought to best protect prostitutes from crooked intermediaries or violent clients. Reopening brothels would be a good start in the reconsideration of the profession of prostitute and would make it possible to draw a line under the near legislative past (passive solicitation, penalization of the client …) which turned them into outcasts and pushed them into a dangerous underground.