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After a week of work, it is normal for you to get comfortable. You can plan an booty call on a dating site or court a lady on the street or in a more favorable place. But the first proposal is faster and more convenient thanks to the internet. So how do you go about having an booty call at the end of the week?

Check out the dating sites!

Dating sites allow you to quickly find booty calls. There are a multitude of them, so it is important to be very careful. How to find the best site for an booty call? You can use a comparison site. Nevertheless, platforms like macougaramoi are very effective in finding a very attractive MILF. Here are some dating sites plan ass in France that can use to find a hot woman:

  • Plan-cul-only
  • My-meeting-X
  • Edenflirt
  • Macougaramoi

How to approach your prey?

Most women who sign up on a platform for an booty call are not necessarily looking for a lover. It happens, but it's rather rare. For you, it is then a question of being direct and clear in your intentions, because an booty call is after all a relationship without a future. For this purpose, you should not waste your time on profiles where it is clearly mentioned an opposition to one-night stands. Women who are refractory to this type of relationship express it clearly by a no hook-up, an anglicism developed to designate these one-night sex plans. After eliminating this category, you select the profile of your choice. On this point, do not be too idealistic. You will not necessarily come across the girl of your fantasies. And if you want to quickly reach your goal, don't haggle over beauty. After all, it's just an booty call.

The right profile for an booty call

You can come across several categories of girl: the new registered and the regular of the platform. In the first case:

  • She has just come out of a love disappointment or a long relationship whose end was unpleasant;
  • She would like to know new sexual experiences;
  • She just wants to satisfy herself.

This category can be quite shy at first contact, so you have to be enterprising and take him to be ready for his first ass shot. A priori, this should not be difficult. In the second case:

  • She is a regular on the platform who has never been interested in an booty call. She is certainly a pretty demanding woman. You will be able to accommodate yourself if you are really interested in it;
  • She has been on the platform for quite some time and is not at her first meeting. In this case, it's easier. And for this type of ladies, rise to the occasion. This assumes that in your exchanges she must feel in you a certain experience.

Show him that you are the man of a night he needs

Your profile selected, use sensual and hot terms to prove to him that you are a god in bed. There is no hypocrisy, be direct and also get her to talk to you without complex. This will allow you to check your sexual compatibility. At the end of your exchanges, make the appointment: at home, in his apartment or in another favorable setting. Once in action, don't be stingy in positions: vary and show that you are an expert. It is certain that she will seek to keep your contact. You can even become good sex friends. Some apps like Tinder are also recommended for ass shots. The latter, which is based on a geolocation system, makes it possible to delimit your hunting area in a very practical way.