Sexemodel : The site of connecting with Escort Girl

· Sexemodel : The site of connecting with Escort Girl


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Sexemodel is a site connecting escort girls and clients. Close to niamodel in the concept, SexeModel is still online while its competitor has disappeared from the radar for more than a month. How does Sexemodel work? How much does it cost? Let's get to the point.

SexeModel: How does it work?

sexmodel cities

SexeModel offers to put you in touch with escort girls in many cities.

SexeModel is a site for connecting escort girls and clients. In its legal notice, SexeModel mentions not being an escort agency and has no link with the escort girls presented on the site, and we understand it since prostitution is very strictly regulated in France. And it is in France that SexeModel acts, its homepage presenting the main cities in which escort girls work. Marseille, Bordeaux, Paris… but also smaller cities such as Annecy, La Rochelle, Limoges… Wherever you are in France SexeModel offers you the services of prostitutes.

The legal framework of SexeModel


Niamodel, built on the same model as SexeModel, disappeared in early April.

We discovered sexmodel while studying NiaModel and we are quite cautious about their compatibility with French law. To be accused of pimping SexModel would have to profit from or promote the prostitution of others. It is not up to us to say whether this is the case or not for SexeModel but the competing site Eden Escort saw its founder arrested for alleged pimping and the Niamodel site disappeared overnight. What is more worrying for users of the site is that the law penalizing the clients of prostitutes is about to be accepted by the Senate and that it will then be difficult to have one's name in the customer file of such a site.

SexeModel's rates

SexeModel does not display rates for clients or for escort girls, it is displayed as free for both of them. As for the girls' rates, they are set by each of them. We have not tried the site so we will not be able to tell you much more about the rates of SexeModel, on the possibility of negotiating or not. From the moment prostitution is illegal we will not go further in our article.


SexeModel is a site that some consider an alternative to the disappearance of Niamodel. Those who enjoy prostitution often even say good things about it. We here test dating sites all year round and we prefer to pay a subscription once and find many girls to sleep with and that we can see again rather than pay 150 € each time to sleep with a girl who will have nothing to do with us. On sites such as www. you will be able to find girls looking for the same thing as you and whose sincerity cannot be doubted. It's up to you to see the solution that seems the most interesting to you, the 2 are as respectable as each other and no one judges anyone.