On which site can you meet transvestites?

· On which site can you meet transvestites?

We continue to answer the questions of our Internet users, the one of the day coming from Greg, from Nice. Greg loves transvestites and cross-dressing but doesn’t know where to find what he’s looking for. He would therefore like a dating site dedicated to lovers of transvestites or people who like to cross-dress, in everyday life or only during their booty call.

Transvestite, transsexual, homosexual… beware of amalgams

To begin with, let’s quickly recall the difference between concepts that are often confused. A transvestite is a person, most often a man, who likes to dress as if he belonged to the opposite sex. The transvestite may like to cross-dress daily or live only cross-dressing as a fantasy reserved for his sex life. A transvestite is therefore different from a transsexual and is not necessarily homosexual. For transsexuals it is difficult to talk about cross-dressing since they do not have an opposite sex and all outfits can by definition make them transvestites. However, we will see that the ambiguous nature of transvestites means that they are most often refugees on trans dating sites and that it is there that it is easiest to meet people when you like to cross-dress or when you fantasize about transvestites.

TransexMessenger: The trans dating site open to transvestites

Oddly enough, the best dating site for transvestite or cross-dressing lovers is basically a trans dating site. Dedicated to transgender people and those who know how to appreciate them, www. TransexMessenger.com has gradually won the hearts of those who feel marginalized on so-called classic dating sites, especially transvestites. Dear Greg, if you want to meet transvestites or live your fantasy of cross-dressing fully we recommend that you register on this site.

TransexMessenger.com is it paid or free?

To register on www. TransexMessenger.com you don’t have to pay, registration is completely free. The only precaution may be to give proof of your majority, the site being reserved for a major audience. Obviously the founders of this site are not complete philanthropists and offer paid subscriptions to those who wish to enjoy premium features. To start on this site and enjoy the premium features for free we recommend the free trial formula that will allow you to start chatting, in text or webcam, with geolocated transvestites near you.

How does this transvestite dating site work?

Www.TransexMessenger.com works a little differently from classic dating sites since it offers messenger software with many built-in features.  Once you have installed the messenger you can very easily multiply the discussions and find physical encounters in real life. If you wish you can also make sexcams with connected transvestites, sexcam that often give rise to physical encounters in the wake when the distance allows. The messenger software is therefore a great way to facilitate meetings between members of the site.


Greg, if you want to meet transvestites in respect, www. TransexMessenger.com is the site for you. Do not hesitate to register for free and create your profile, you should quickly succeed in meeting transvestites that you like.

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