Prostitution – The Occasional Student Phenomenon

· Prostitution – The Occasional Student Phenomenon


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The occasional student phenomenon is not a complete novelty in the world of prostitution but the crisis has given it a new dimension. By prostituting themselves to pay rent, education or more frivolous expenses, female students become what are called casual students.

Occasional student prostitution fostered by crisis

While casual student prostitution has long been a marginal phenomenon used by some entrepreneurs to boost their purchasing power, it has become even more unhealthy in the last ten years. While it was mostly the work of female students deciding to use their charms to earn money, casual student prostitution has imposed itself on today's students without them even having the opportunity to desire it. First vector of prostitution

prostitute occasional student

Cinema has taken up the subject of casual student prostitution in recent years. Déborah François was the first to deal with the subject in My dear studies.

occasional student, accommodation. Having become unaffordable in big cities, housing is now a way to obtain sexual favors for shameless vicious landlords. In exchange for a low or non-existent rent, they require their tenants to be able to sleep with her several times a month. This system is often the gateway to prostitution for many female students. Once a student has agreed to exchange her body for money, she crosses the limits they had set for themselves much more easily and can go so far as to solicit new customers on escort girl sites. Easy money and the taboo that has fallen permanently make it difficult to return to real life. It's no more humiliating than working at McDo will they repeat themselves to envy as if to justify themselves… Agreeing to return to difficult jobs, more demanding hourly and much less paid will take them a lot of time, especially in a period when youth unemployment is very high.

Casual student prostitution: among men too

It is easy to believe that casual student prostitution is the prerogative of girls. Yet many students prostitute themselves to finance their studies. We find this male student prostitution mainly in homosexual circles but also in some physically attractive young men who manage to do escort girls for wealthy cougars. The difficulty for these male prostitutes is that they are considered consenting while they sell their bodies as any escort does. Physical and psychological suffering often leaves traces that those around them struggle to understand. In proportion, however, these male student prostitutes are much less numerous than casual female students, but the phenomenon is growing.

Student Prostitution: Physical Risks

occasional student prostitution

The film Young and Pretty could be accused of idealizing casual student prostitution.

When we think of casual prostitution, we first think of the physical risks. Dating excited and unknown men puts students at great physical risk when they sell their bodies. In the privacy of a room, guests can become violent without anyone being able to defend the prostitute. The other physical risk associated with casual student prostitution is the risk of STDs. While most casual students require condoms to be worn, some agree to sleep unprotected in exchange for an increase in their rates. They can then pay dearly for their greed. AIDS of course but also hepatitis or syphilis are very easy to catch when you multiply the partners without protecting yourself. But the risks associated with casual student prostitution are also psychological.

The Psychological Risks of Casual Student Prostitution

occasional student escort girl

Released in 2014, La crème de la crème tells the story of the creation of a student prostitution network within HEC.

When a student prostitutes herself, even occasionally, she renounces all her illusions without necessarily realizing it. While she is studying for a job that will allow her to earn a good living and have a decent standard of living, she will realize that she can earn much more money than she will ever earn with a conventional job by spending a few hours with strangers. With passes at 150 €, a student will earn a SMIC in 7 hours and reach the standard of living of the 10% of the richest French in 20 hours. Of course, this income is not taxed and can therefore be fully spent. When we think about all this we realize that it is easy to draw a line under our taboos and therefore on our illusions as young girls. Conversely, spending 10 hours a day in an office to earn less than selling a few hours of their bodies will be unbearable for these adult students and they will only very rarely be able to give up prostitution. Psychologically, recovering from student prostitution is often an insurmountable ordeal.

Can you become a client of an occasional prostituted student?

We don't like to play father morals, but abusing the financial weakness of young girls trying to build themselves as an adult is really something we can't conceive of. If you want to sleep with sexually liberated young girls you will find plenty on sites such as www. or You will not have to pay anything for it and you will sleep with consenting girls who will not come out destroyed from the experience. So we can only encourage you to sleep with easy and free girls rather than enjoying the occasional student prostitution whose long-term damage is very significant.

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