Rates for prostitutes in Paris

· Rates for prostitutes in Paris


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Many faithful of commentseduire.net ask us what are the rates of prostitutes in Paris. If they are quite easy to know for escort girls since posted on sites such as 6annonce, they are very confidential for street prostitutes and it is therefore easy to be fooled. Without pretending to offer an exhaustive view of the prices of the whores of Paris, here are some references to better understand how much a prostitute costs in the French capital.

The different types of prostitutes in Paris

In Paris, as in many cities around the world, the prices of prostitutes depend enormously on their origin. In Paris, there are essentially 4 different origins:

  • Eastern whores
  • Asians
  • The blacks
  • French prostitutes

If prices vary according to origin, it is because foreign prostitutes are a majority to work to send money to their country of origin and, depending on the standard of living of the country in question, the sums needed to support their families vary from simple to double. Another explanation is to be found on the side of the networks that exploit prostitutes. Functioning like mafias, they see prostitution as a market like any other and position their prices in the manner of a marketing department. If girls have to reimburse smugglers, the amounts needed will also vary depending on where they come from. It's not very sexy but it's an essential aspect of the prostitution business.

The prices of prostitutes in Paris

Discover the rates of prostitutes in ParisThe most expensive prostitutes are the French. Often working alone, having a less constrained vision of the profession of prostitutes, they generally ask between 40 and 70 €. Then come the whores of the east. They have many amateurs which allows them to ask between 30 € and 60 €. The cheapest whores are Asians and blacks. Often the most precarious and exploited, they sell their bodies from 20 € and their prices rarely exceed 40 €. And for all girls, the difference between fellatio and love is usually 10 €. For example, a girl who will take you 50 € to fuck will offer you the pipe at 40 €. And it should be noted that at these prices the hotel is not included.

Can we negotiate the price of a prostitute?

In the street, everything is negotiated. You can try to lower the price by 10 or 15 € but not much more. What promotes negotiation is first and foremost competition. In corners such as the Bois de Boulogne the girls are very numerous and you can easily pretend to go see another girl if the one you are interested in does not want to negotiate. Seeing you leave, she will be tempted to accept the negotiation. The other lever to be used to lower the price of a prostitute is low demand. If you are looking for a prostitute on a Tuesday night the number of potential clients in front of you will be lower than on a Saturday night or Sunday afternoon, so prostitutes will want to conclude with you for fear of not having another client of the evening. Be aware that the more time you spend chatting with a prostitute to negotiate the price, the more likely you are that a cop will surprise you and take you on board.

Where to find the cheapest prostitutes in Paris?

If you want cheap whore, you can head to the woods of Boulogne or Vincennes, to Belleville or to the marshals, Porte de la Chapelle in particular. You should not expect glamour but for about twenty euros you can have the right to the total. The girls who practice these rates are usually a little desperate to see cameos and not necessarily very sexy. Also pay attention to diseases because at this price they see a lot of people passing by… As for real estate, the whores of the center of Paris, rue St Denis for example, are more expensive than those on the outskirts but generally have a room in which to welcome you.

What about escorts?

The prices of Parisian escorts are much higher than those of street prostitutes. Their invoicing is done by half an hour or by the hour and we are generally on prices around 120 € for 30 minutes. The practices a little special will be charged in addition and the bill can quickly rise very high. These girls are targeting high-end customers, who have the means to come back often and will not make any effort on their rates. If you negotiate it is because you do not have the means to become a regular customer and you are therefore of no interest to them.

Alternatives to prostitution

As we can see, prostitution in Paris is not very glamorous. Not supervised in brothels because illegal, it mainly drains girls in delicate personal situations and someone with a little conscience will probably be slowed down and not excited at all by this social misery. If we add to this that the use of a prostitute is illegal since the Vallaud Belkacem law, we quickly understand that fucking a whore in the open air has many disadvantages. As an alternative, we recommend libertine websites or specialized in booty calls. On a site like www. JacquieEtMichel-PlanCul.com you will be able to find sexually liberated girls who sleep for free for their own pleasure. Registration is free and by putting 20 € in a subscription you will multiply your visibility and can easily fuck a girl per week. For the price of a Romanian drug addict, you will win by a wide margin, especially since in a city like Paris the number of girls registered is huge.

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