Taxation and Camgirls – What taxes and what declarations for his tips and tokens?



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When you are a camgirl, as for any profession, all the sums collected must be declared to the taxes. So if you thought you could use token money as pocket money, bad news, taxes need to take a look at it first. But do not panic, under a certain threshold they will not take anything from you, which does not mean that there are no formalities or declarations to be made.

What tax status for camgirls?

If by tax status we mean employee / self-employed, the status is quite simple to define: camgirls do not receive salaries from webcam platforms, their income is variable and depends on what viewers give them, so they are independent. As such, they will have to take care of their declarations alone, both social and fiscal. The best status up to a fairly high ceiling will therefore probably be self-employment. With flat-rate fees and a minimum of administrative formalities, it will allow you to declare your income, easily fill out your income tax return and your social declarations (URSSAF).

Beware of bank accounts where you receive payments

Be aware that any bank account abroad must be declared to taxes. If you are paid to a PayPal account or another online account, you must report it to taxes. In fact, there is little knowledge of controls and adjustments on this subject but an antique dealer had been sentenced on April 25, 2013 by the administrative court of Pau for the non-declaration of an account PayPal on which he received payments.

Should we declare the gifts we receive as a camgirl?

Gifts are not income so in theory you are exempt from declaring them. Your fans send you gifts in exchange for nothing, to please you, so they are equivalent to birthday gifts that your grandparents could give you. If you sell your panties, it is to be compared to vinted sales. As long as it is not a main source of income, taxes are not interested in it. On the other hand, if you start to set up a business, you buy panties in order to resell them or you resell the gifts on a regular basis, taxes can requalify these sums as income.

What rights in exchange for the taxes of the camgirls?

When you contribute as a self-employed entrepreneur, you can already accumulate quarters for your retirement above a certain threshold. After deduction, you must have declared 2880 € to validate a quarter, 5062 € for 2 quarters, 7266 € for 3 quarters and 9675 € for 4 quarters. At this level your pension rights will be quite low but you can leave more easily at full rate at the end of your career. And if you are a student it allows you to start accumulating quarters before starting your real career. With your contributions you are also entitled to contribute to health insurance. It may seem anecdotal if you are still on the account of your parents but if you are launched into the big bath it is a protection that will be expensive in case of hard blow. On the other hand, you will have no right to unemployment, as the self-employed are not covered against the risk of unemployment.

What do you risk if you don't declare your camgirl income?

If your income is controlled by taxes and it appears that you have not declared your tokens, you risk an 80% increase in the tax you originally owed. Below 10,000 € per year you do not owe in theory any tax so probably you will only have a firm reminder of the tax services but above it can quickly quantify. Let's say you've received €24,000, or €2000 per month, you should pay around €1900 in taxes. In case of control this amount could rise to 3420 €. And if you have not declared to the URSSAF, you will have the same catch-up but in exchange you will have no right to retirement or any right to health insurance. A bit of a shame…