Free Tokens on Chaturbate – 4 Methods That Work for Free Tokens

· Free Tokens on Chaturbate – 4 Methods That Work for Free Tokens


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On Chaturbate, the currency is the token. It is with this currency that you pay (send tips) to the camgirls. Obviously, as any sensible person (homo economicus would have told us our economics teachers), you wonder how to have free tokens or how to hack chaturbate not to pay. It's natural, even rather common sense. If there will be no question of hacking (chaturbate being one of the most powerful sites in the world, it is not you from your sofa who will teach him life), we will give you some tips not to pay your tokens.

Hack chaturbate to get free tokens?

Many sites offer you hacks or software that would miraculously credit your chaturbate account with free tokens. Should we believe it? Unfortunately not. These sites are liars at best, scammers at worst. And by using their software you risk being fooled, stealing your personal data or losing money. So avoid them at all costs.

Chaturbate offers you Free tokens

Hard to believe but it is nevertheless by collaborating with Chaturbate that you will be able to have free tokens. Chaturbate offers an affiliate system that will allow you, in exchange for advertising you will make to the site, to earn tokens without paying. So yes, we know, we don't all want to talk to everyone around us about our passion for porn webcams, but if you don't want to pay for your tokens you will have to be violent.

Register your friends via your affiliate link = 10 free tokens

If one of your friends is interested in the site and wants to create an account there, tell them to calm down and wait until you've sent them your link. In your profile you have a share section in which you find different links including a share chaturbate link. It is this link that must be sent to earn the 10 tokens.

earn 10 free tokens on chaturbate

Links to share to earn 10 free tokens on chaturbate

Use chaturbate's affiliate program to earn free tokens

Beyond these small links easy to share, Chaturbate offer many other links that allow you to earn tokens or money. To retrieve these links go to affiliate program then to linkcodes and retrieve the links. Some will earn you 10 tokens per registrant and 50 tokens per registered camgirl, others $50 per camgirl, others a % of what your affiliates will spend on the site. To spread the link you are free to choose the means of your choice: sharing on your social networks, by email to your friends, etc … Affiliation is one of the ways camgirls supplement their income by systematically sharing their affiliate links when they broadcast their webcam.

Stream on Chaturbate to earn free chips

A little less accessible than our previous advice but we talk about it anyway. This is basic but know that by broadcasting and becoming camgirl or camboy you can earn tokens and choose to be paid in chaturbate token or money. The price of the token is different depending on whether you buy it or spend it, if you want to be able to tipper camgirls so you will have an interest in not changing your tokens into money so as not to have to buy some back afterwards. For example, if you earn 100 free tokens by broadcasting your webcam, you can turn them into $5. If you buy 100 tokens to send tips they will cost you $10.99. It is therefore in your interest to keep the tokens in your chaturbate account rather than buying them.

Increase your spending limit = 200 free tokens

Finally, this is the easiest way to earn free tokens on Chaturbate. By filling out a form and sending it you can earn 200 free tokens. This form is simply an acquiescence regarding your future expenses on chaturbate. By sending this form you will never be blocked if you want to buy tokens and you will even be offered 200. An unengaging bargain. For more information: