Trap Dating – How to Meet Transvestites for Ass Shots



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Still unknown a few years ago, Traps have become a widespread fantasy on the internet. On the famous forum of, the forum dedicated to traps is one of the most active with already 1800 posts. But maybe you don't know what a trap is? And if you know this name maybe you don't know where to meet traps? Do not panic, we see explains everything.

What is a Trap?

The word trap comes from the Manga culture. In Japanese comics, traps are effeminate men who can easily be confused with women. In general, these men are between 18 and 20 years old and possess androgynous traits. And to support his ambiguous physique, the trap does not hesitate to dress as a woman which can cause real confusion in the people who frequent him, including sentimental and sexual confusion.

What is the difference between trap, transvestite and trans?

Obviously, this definition will make you wonder but what is the difference between trap and trans? and the transvestites in all this?. When you are not fully integrated into the Queer environment it is true that it can seem very close and the differences can seem subtle. Between transvestites and traps, the difference is mainly in terms of age. It is considered that a trap is generally young while a more mature man who chooses to dress as a woman is called a transvestite. You will generally confuse a trap with a woman more easily than a transvestite. Regarding trans people, the difference is clearer. A transsexual does not consider himself in the body corresponding to his gender. Thus a man feeling female will be able to change sex by taking hormones, by having surgery, by having his transition recognized to the civil status … Finally it will be factually a trans because she will have changed sex but physically and administratively it will be a woman. We are therefore talking about trans women in the case of our example (trans man if a man born in the body of a woman has begun his transition)

Where to meet traps?

It is complicated to answer you because not all traps live their sexuality in the same way. Some traps see themselves as women and therefore will not see themselves as homosexuals if they are attracted to men. Others have already begun a reflection towards a transition and will therefore be able to look for meetings on sites dedicated to trans people. If we were nevertheless to make generalities about trap dating, it seems that it is on the internet that it happens because the real world can be cruel with transvestite men, especially if they are young. Among the sites where you can find traps, we can mention There are all types of men living as women, young or old, but by using the search filters you can quickly identify all the traps present on the site and exchange with them for essentially sexual encounters. It is not impossible to find love but in general the registrants are only looking for ass. The other site that works well to meet traps is On this site we are there only for sex, no serious meeting possible, but the users are more and more numerous and in general quite young. There is therefore more trap than on Trans Messenger and registration is free. The notoriety of the porn site Jacquie and Michel will guarantee you the arrival of new profiles quite regularly, so you should not be bored.

Sexy trap photos

For all trap lovers, here is a selection of sexy photos of effeminate men. These photos can be taken from manga / hentai or real traps who take pictures of themselves to share their fantasies on the internet.

Sexy trap gif

And finally, a few sexy animated gifs of trap in action, touching, fucking or showing off.