What are the neighborhoods with prostitutes in Bordeaux?



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After taking an interest in Parisian, Marseille and Lyon prostitution, let's discover Bordeaux, the capital of the Gironde and the largest city in the South West with Toulouse. The neighborhoods with prostitutes are much less numerous than in the cities that have already been mentioned, so the overview will go quite quickly.

Where to find prostitutes in Bordeaux?

90% of prostitution in the Belcier district

While prostitution was still found in the city center of Bordeaux a few years ago, sex workers had to move to the south of the city, in the Belcier district, on the edge of Bègles. On the outskirts of Place Ferdinand Buisson or on Boulevard Jean Jacques Bosc, girls are there day and night and local residents testify to regularly seeing sexual acts in the open air. The neighbors' complaints caused the prostitutes to hide a little during the day, but at night they were never so numerous. The girls who prostitute themselves in Belcier are mainly African. They most often belong to networks exploiting their precariousness and clandestineness and make them move from city to city.

President Wilson Boulevard

On the outer boulevards, as in all major cities, you will find prostitutes waiting for customers who will take them in their cars. There are quite a few girls from the east at entry-level rates. If you continue to Boulevard Georges V you will still find quite a few.

Quai de Paludates

North of Belcier, there are prostitutes, usually quite old, Quai de Paludates. These women have been on site for a while, do not have very attractive physique but their practice of the French language and their experience ensures them a fairly loyal clientele.

The alleys behind the Grand Théâtre

Without specifying precise streets, we know that the alleys that wind behind the Grand Théâtre is the playground of many prostitutes. These small streets allow them to hide easily and work without bothering anyone, especially if we compare it to Belcier.


As everywhere, the internet is gradually replacing street prostitution. Escorting sites offer ads of girls located all over Bordeaux. The rates charged are higher than on the street but the profiles are also more upscale. On the other hand, the practice is just as illegal.

Other solutions for fucking in Bordeaux

As has often been pointed out, the use of prostitution is now illegal and clients can be penalized if they are caught in the arms of a prostitute. You will never be advised to go see a whore because the experiment is illegal and often disappointing. If you want to sleep with girls who love ass and who will not ask you for money, prefer dating sites that specialize in booty calls. Among the best in the category, we recommend Jacquie and Michel Plan Cul and Xflirt who both appear in our ranking of the best sites to find an booty call. Depending on the promotions of the moment we will recommend below rather one or the other of the sites.