What is the difference between a sex plan and an booty call?



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Men in the flight of routine or disappointed by any romantic relationship no longer really have the desire to attach themselves. This is how many opt for various types of sexual only relations namely the sex plan  or the ass plan . The sex plan is a sexual relationship between two people who know each other, but who have previously agreed not to develop feelings. While an ass shot is a sexual relationship between two strangers who do not share any feeling without follow-up. Learn more about it here.

The sex plan: features, advantages and disadvantages 

The sex plan sometimes goes through a discussion between the two parties that has a contract value. It often boils down to this: we sleep together, but we promise not to fall in love. The sex plan is also a way to get out of the Friend Zone of someone who attracts you sexually. The most important thing is to avoid any romanticism. In addition to sex plans, it is possible to go out with your partner without getting attached. So what are the benefits of such a relationship? The followers of the sex plan will surely recognize themselves in this sentence which summarizes all its advantages zero hassle, zero blabla, me in you! ». That is, in this type of relationship, you freely share sexual experiences without any commitment or judgment. The two subjects enjoy a certain freedom allowing them to maintain other relations on the side. One goal: to laugh and enjoy. It is the perfect relationship that allows you to fulfill all your fantasies without embarrassment. However, not everything is rosy in a sex plan. In reality, it is a relationship of the deaf; that is, one must avoid being there when the other person needs it. The biggest disadvantage here is that by dint of dating even if it is purely sexual, one of the two often ends up getting caught up in the game and develops feelings. Lovers of sex plan can go to the site http://plan-sexe.co/ to find reliable partners for this relationship.

What about the booty call?

An booty call is usually a meeting that ends in bed and without a headache.But it can happen that the booty calle extends over time and becomes a regular booty call. This means that the two individuals often meet to satisfy each other sexually by avoiding dating and dating so as not to develop feelings. On the http://plancul.dating/ website, you can find men and women available for this kind of relationship. The advantages are numerous:

  • The post-breakup remedy: it allows you to realize that you still like, to satisfy your sexual desires with a person you are not a priori in love with;
  • Save time: this is the perfect relationship to satisfy your sexual desires if you are too busy with your work or studies;
  • Being a sex beast: the booty call allows you to fulfill your wildest fantasies.

Beyond its undeniable advantages, the booty call also has its share of disadvantages that are the same as those of a sex plan, including the risk of attachment. However, note also the risk that your partner does not correspond to you sexually. This complicates things, because if you don't have the same delusions, you can't have fun together. In the end, the sex plan is often discussed with an acquaintance while the booty call usually occurs with a stranger, although it may later become regular. Thus, there is not a big difference between these two relationships. In addition, sex plan or booty call, it is advisable to adopt them in moderation.